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While pizza hut offers a reliable pizza service, I have grown bored of their offerings. The pizza here was rather unique in that it incorporated hoisin sauce but it certainly satisfied. Wonderful and a must try!
6 Aug 2013 18:50:19
I doubt can give any justice of how good their food is. Everytime I am there, the food I want is fresh and spicy. Nasi Padang isn't nasi padang without it's spicy, sweet and sour flavors!
6 Aug 2013 18:42:48
Everything here is fantastic. The food is made from scratch and all the appetizers are made fresh to order. Great service, kind staff, nice atmosphere and the lamb is always a winner here!
5 Aug 2013 18:44:00
This is a GREAT brand for dog food! I decided to give it a try as my friend recommended Solid Gold. My older dog is one picky eater (and it's all my fault), but this is the only brand, so far, that she'll eat consistently. Every other brand, I have to alternate between flavors.
5 Aug 2013 18:41:15
Hair cut with them was out-of-this-world. They were very thorough, listened to my (vague) description, and very meticulous in styling my hair. The result was very pleasant and I won't hesitate to come again!
3 Aug 2013 00:09:58
We had a perfect time and a great dinner over there. I love great Western food and it being halal is a big plus! We often have big little gatherings there, chatting over meals and catching up!
3 Aug 2013 00:03:29
I always notice every imperfection when I get my nail done. I will scrutinise every angle for uneven filing work. I'm not rude, but I will not hesitate to point out an issue and ask for it to be fixed - and I found myself not doing that here! They did a brilliant job on my nails!
3 Aug 2013 00:00:04
I just came to them on a whim when I was around the area. I don't know anyone who is proud of their feet, I left wanting to stop strangers in the street and show them mine, since they did such a great job!
2 Aug 2013 23:57:19
I only had to wait a very short time. I had a nice conversation with the manicurist. They were nice enough to let me charge my phone while I get my nails done too! My nails look infinitely better and my feet much smoother and well-buffed and shined.
2 Aug 2013 23:54:26
A big plus for me was just how relaxed everything felt there. One of the stylists was very nice and I felt welcomed in a relaxed atmosphere!
2 Aug 2013 23:50:05
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