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I love getting foot reflex and massages after a long tiring day. I forgot how I ended up with them but I do remember that the massage here is damn shiok! Not the most convenient place to go but if you are in the neighbourhood, do give them a try!
23 Sep 2013 00:33:02
Unleash the Rock God in you with them! They offer a wide range of instrument courses! Their instructors are very experienced so you can be sure that you are learning from the best!
23 Sep 2013 00:30:18
They never fail to amaze me, every time I stepped out of their place after a treatment, I always feel like I have been reborn! Not only I I love getting them to thread my eyebrows but they do stunning hennas too!
22 Sep 2013 11:45:06
If your children have trouble catching up in class, may be a good idea to get them for tuition here, especially if you are living in their proximity. They have conducive environment and highly qualified teachers!
22 Sep 2013 11:40:33
They are a must visit if you love your car - they have a wide range of security services that prevent your car to be stolen. Especially handy if you have a luxury car! Better safe than sorry right?
22 Sep 2013 11:35:51
If you need coach or transfer for outings, event, trips, etc, they may just be the guys you need! Prompt, on time and friendly, professional staff! I don't think you can ask for more!
22 Sep 2013 11:33:12
These guys have save me from my food trouble when I am stuck at home food-less! The delivery was prompt and my food came to my doorstep drama-free! Oh and most importantly their food is really yummy! :D
20 Sep 2013 02:04:44
They may not have the "hippest" food, but if you want pure, hearty, homecook-feel Chinese food catering, they are the guys that you should call up :) Trust me, you won't be disappointed!
20 Sep 2013 02:01:22
They make amazing strudels! The combination of the silky smooth custard and the crunchy layered pastry is really to die for! If you are adventurous you can give their durian strudels a try :D
20 Sep 2013 01:53:30
I dare say it is one of the best popiah I have ever tasted! I took some of my buddies to prove me otherwise, but alas, most of my buddies agree that they could possibly serve the best popiahs in Singapore!
20 Sep 2013 01:44:27
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