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Great location. Close to MRT and right next to beautiful Singapore River - 10 min walk to Chinatownl. Great value if you want to stay at the centre of the happenings in Singapore!
3 May 2013 23:41:58
They cater to every individual's waterproofing needs! They have been around for decades, which means a lot! Each of their on-site personnel are experienced and highly skilled in the field, so you can be sure that there will be no careless mishaps!
1 May 2013 23:14:12
Great catering services with mouth watering selection! Just give them a try and I assure you, you won't be disappointed! They are very attentive, from start to finish. Thumbs up!
1 May 2013 23:10:26
Axcell Tuition Centre provides talented children with educated experiences that integrated mathematics, science and technology beyond the traditional way of learning. They explore children’s potential in math and science, stimulate their interest and motivate them in learning.
1 May 2013 23:07:59
Just a great hearty place to get your BBQ spirit and share with your friends! And don't forget the side dishes. Omnomnoms~
27 Apr 2013 12:57:31
I was pleasantly surprised to see C.A.N. Cafe to open its door once again! Expect quirky objects when you step in!
27 Apr 2013 12:53:54
They distribute seafood and many other foodstuffs!
27 Apr 2013 12:46:34
Great car repairing service! Thumbs up!
26 Apr 2013 19:03:35
They have a good personal trainers!
26 Apr 2013 19:00:30
Spizzico''s deliciousness will absolutely blow your mind!
25 Apr 2013 22:27:08
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