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They serve collagen rich hot pot which is called bijin nabe (literally means beautiful person's hotpot) and wow, does not disappoint!
6 Jul 2013 00:16:59
I came on recommendation of a friend for a Thai massage and oh my, their massage is super shiok! Has great ambience too!
6 Jul 2013 00:12:30
Generally, the food is decent but the serving is rather small compared to other caterers. I have ordered 35pax for 35 people and had little or no leftovers. Yam Paste and the Vegetable dish received rather positive reviews.
5 Jul 2013 08:17:51
Setup time arrived as planned. Honey Chicken Roll is highly recommended. food is good in general except too salty for Si-Chap Yong Tau Fu. Service was great and thorough tho!
5 Jul 2013 08:14:53
Finding a good Teochew restaurant that suits my family's taste is tough ever since our favourite, Mong Hing, closed down. I am glad to find Imperial Treasure - their food comes pretty close and I love their roasted duck!
30 Jun 2013 12:29:49
If you have problems with your metal steed, they are not a bad choice to go for. They do auto servicing and have wide range of tires and rims for sale. The staffs were also friendly and helpful. Two thumbs up!
30 Jun 2013 05:16:53
My friends have been raving to me about the pastries in Yahweh and only recently that I finally got around trying it. I must say, I was very impressed - it does live up to the hype. The buttery crispy pastries are really to die for!
30 Jun 2013 05:14:58
Supreme Air Services Pte Ltd is a company that deal with the Airconditioning Services. They specialize in Electric Appliances, Wholesale Retail, Aircon Servicing and Maintenance, Aircon Installation, Aircon Repair. A great one stop aircon solution service!
30 Jun 2013 04:23:33
Our kids were becoming a handful and I am always apprehensive about getting domestic helper. There are just too many things to worry about - paperwork, wellbeing, attitude, the list goes on! But I am glad to find Anne-Jo. Their attentive staff will help you to find the maid that is most suitable for your family!
29 Jun 2013 13:50:33
Our family have been looking for a helper that can assist in taking care of our grandparents. After going through so many agency, a friend recommended us to Affordable Maids, and I am thoroughly impressed - very patient, caring and most of all responsible. Thumbs up!
29 Jun 2013 13:46:19
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