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We build it from a dream. Beginning with simple service we are now managing a quote complex service. We have promised that we will not stop here. Looking back to where we began our journey, with expertise limited to arranging people going to certain destination, we are now capable of handling varieties of task and request.

Acting as General Sales Agent (GSA) takes more than just understanding the business of travel and aviation. We are challenged to connect all ends and create a unisonous result that satisfies involved parties. Doing that for years has granted us trust from our partners. Now, we are the GSA’s for a number of leading airlines in the region, namely, The Philippine Airline, Gulf Air, Mihinlanka and Oman Air for Cargo.

We are also developing many packages for filling in demands in the travel business. This is an arduous task that needs to be done to come up with services the client would love to try. And we believe we can thrive in this business only if we dare to try.

Apart from travel services, we also handle Meeting Incentive Convention Exhibition (MICE, Umrah and Hajj, Holyland tour and passenger & cargo. At the moment, we are providing a number of packages to several destinations around the world. Some have gone steady while others still need further adjustments.

Tripuri Group is the head travel company thant manages all of our travel services. Here are the list of the subsidiaries under our holding;

PT. Tripuri Wisata
This Company handles services of meeting incentive convention exhibition (MICE) and Umrah and Hajj.

PT. Sheira Semesta Cemerlang
Established in 2000 to act as The Philippine General Sales Agent (GSA) in Indonesia.On behalf the Philippine Airlines, we are serving an online daily service in Indonesia.

PT. Sabda Mandiri Wisata
The Company was established to provide clients with travel service.

PT. Rhayna Semesta Cemerlang
Established in 2007, the company is serving Gulf Air as its General Sales Agent (GSA). At the moment it is conducting offline operation in Indonesia.

Tripuri Service Pte, Ltd
In conjunction with our customer’s demands, the management has decided to establish an office in Singapore to extend travel business and service.

PT. Lanka Semesta Cemerlang
Set up in 2011, providing air transport services for both people and cargo. It also act as GSSA for MihinLanka.

PT. Nur Semesta Cemerlang
Build in 2011, providing cargo service only and acting as GSSA for Oman Air Cargo.

build it from a dream, beginning with simple service until now managing a quote complex service, manages all of the travel services. developing many packages for filling in demands in the travel business
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7 Oct 2013 22:23:43

The world of travelling has become one of the fast-growing businesses all over the globe. With the emergence of budget airlines accompanied with improved global economy, travel business will certainly grow in the years to come. In line with that, there will be more people to serve and quality to maintain. We have to be adaptive, attentive and smart in perceiving what will come before us.

Beginning our service in 1996, Tripuri Wisata initially centered its business on contract worker traffic to a number of destinations such us South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Middle East countries. We gained a lot of experience, even from our mistakes, in handling customers ever since. It is not surprising that we that we are now capable of handling extensive departments including Tours, MICE (Meeting, Incentives, Conference and Exhibition) and Holyland trip.

So, whatever destination you may want to be, just imagine it waiting you.

So, let us take you there!

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