It is all about the vibes these days, about being the trend-setter amongst the cool, about being seen in the limelight. Royal Plaza on Scotts introduced a new concept to Singapore 's nightlife on its reopening in January 2007 – a sophisticated, sensual yet relaxing ultra lounge concept popular in the United States .

Heat Ultra Lounge provides a comfortable and relaxing environment to lounge the night away while basking in subdued beats of ambient and Latin house music. With seats right next to windows and the balcony overlooking the hotel's main lobby, it reveals snippets of what Heat has in store for curious passer-bys. Advance up polished stairs of wood set in spiral; be enveloped in Heat's darkness and elegance as a mix of black leather, wood, marble, glass and brass greet you upon arrival.

Hearty conversations become possible with high-back leather armchairs that seem to envelope one within; it is intimacy and chill-out at its best. Heat is divided into two main areas - high-backed chairs provide a good hideaway from the vivacious party-goers nearer to the neon-blue bar counter.

As tempting as they sound, Heat presents a menu of martinis, mojitos and capirinhas, each seductive and tantalizing in their own way. Absolute indulgence occurs daily during special Heat hours (5pm to 8.30pm) where guests enjoy their choices of concoctions at a fixed S$9.90 with complimentary snacks.

Capirinha ($18) , a traditional Brazilian cocktail boils down to the experience of mixing it yourself. Served pre-mixed with a dash of lime and brown sugar, this large glass stands tall with a cube sugar and two halves of lime calamansi displayed on either side of the accompanying tray. Sweet or sour, it is entirely one's choice to drop the lime or sugar into the glass and pound at it with an accompanying mudler. Topped with Cachaca, Brazilian rum, it is sweet, with a tinge of sourness that dominates the refreshing drink.

Likewise, the Mojito ($18) resembles the Capirinha in taste except that it is served taller, and is the less strong of the two. This traditional Cuban cocktail uses Bacardi instead of Cachaca and is garnished with fresh mint leaves. While soda water adds a fizz to this tall glass of infusion, mint leaves awaken the senses in this delightfully refreshing drink. A generous serving from Heat definitely helps to enliven the soul after a hard day at work.

The Cosmopolitan Martini ($18.50) with its seductive red colour is served with a lime wedge rather than a twist of lime. Its titillating sweet cranberry taste glides over overpowering lime like silk over velvet – both of very different tastes blending together into a final tropical punch without a strong alcohol taste to it.

Of course, drinks are never downed without appetizing snacks. In contrary to the expected fried finger food, Heat's mouth-watering snacks are not to be missed. Buffalo chicken wings ($18 for all snacks) marinated with spices and sweet honey emerges in golden grilled brown, while Baked Salmon Wrap presents lightly baked salmon encased in puffs so flavoursome it is hard to resist a second helping. Finally, the local Mixed Satay is fondly remembered with tender pieces of beef, chicken and mutton dipped in spicy peanut sauce. Cubes of achar lie at the bottom to balance the strong dominant taste of meat. Such delicious snacks offered are beyond resistance, so go ahead, indulge.

Written by:
Viviane Then