Seldom has a bar ever managed to pull of chic living as masterfully as this. While most try hard, high-living takes an escalated appreciation at City Space. This is not just your everyday pub, with the risks of drunken brawls. No, this is where the Bonds will wind down with the view at his feet.

Lush with velvet armchairs and wooden masculinity, the 70 th floor stunner is the perfect place for jazz-loving, sunset-watching and contemplation. Set against warm hues of gold and glitter, City Space exudes a charm that encapsulates Sinatra and the rat pack in their finest form. Coloured globes line the ceiling, while a baby grand takes residence prominently at a corner. To further soothe and ease you, plush chairs line the floor-to-wall windows, giving you a majestic sight of Singapore . Whether you're seeking for enlightenment or just for some quiet time, the seats here are worth your rushing up as early as 6pm.

To further complement this already-snazzy take, the trinkling of ivories will greet you almost every night, with a chanteuse serenading your night away. However, be aware that the earlier evenings sees the area filled with down-tempo music. No worries, it's gentle enough for your ‘who am I' moments. You will be spared of the throbbing bass that will just equate to a pounding head after a hectic day at work.

Another interesting factor about City Space is the service staff. Due to its relatively smaller size, the staff is expectedly attentive. Dressed in their shimmery black and figure-hugging dresses, they looked like they just walked off from a cabaret show and straight into the bar. However, in line with the bar's very classy theme, they are more elegant than sexy.

Now, whether you like your martinis shaken or stirred, the drinks at City Space will be the perfect punctuation for your session. Being a part of the Equinox group, City Space enjoys the services of some of the more well-trained and passionate bartenders around. From their unique concoctions to the fail-proof old time favorites, you will not be disappointed. All you need is to enjoy the cigar and the caviar that the bar offers.

The finer side of life is magically re-created at City Space. Whether it's a lifestyle you're accustomed to or just a weekly stint for you, you cannot deny that City Space is one of the best places to experience it. Beyond cool and above chic, City Space is a destination for the weary and the classy.

Written by:
Aslinda Khanafi