It's no longer enough to just party where it's fun. No, clubbing has taken on new heights and a new high. If you're not much of a crawler but still, you don't want to go wrong with your choice, then listen hard. You want to go down to Swissotel, waltz through the bouncers (if you can), enter the lift and hit the button for the top floor. Once out of the lift, you will step into club where the parties just get wilder and mind you, it starts very early.

Located at the top of Swissotel, New Asia Bar is probably the one bar that offers you a new form of elevation, both in the literal and metaphorical senses. Situated at the top of Singapore 's tallest hotel, New Asia Bar gives a splendid view of Singapore and some of its neighbouring islands. Gorgeous during sunset and spectacular by dusk, you will definitely be in awe by the marriage of blinding city lights and that of Singapore 's architecture. It even offer seats that lets you just sit quietly, while you take in what our country's fine architects have presented to us.

The interior is set in a myriad of vibrant colours, playing off against the masculinity of the wooden flooring and walls. With quirky lanterns being hung sporadically throughout the area, and furniture that is unlike most that we have seen, you can't help but feel like you've just stepped into a penthouse of a very cool friend. Minimalist orientalism meets chic living is the only way to describe it. While the top lounge is reserved for members and VIPs, its area is limited to covering the perimeter of the club. You will feel like you're walking through a path that is leading you to an underground party of models, designers and all the people you have been wanting to meet your whole life. But what greets you at the end is something even more worth the walk. This is the perfect place to check out the scenery, be it Singapore 's or the crowd.

Nothing like getting a bird's eye view of everything. Especially if you're there for more than just a few drinks. The crowd there consists mostly of young professionals, with doses of the more matured faces and a lot of tourists. Besides that, word has it that this joint is extremely popular with undergraduates, particularly those on exchange programmes. An attraction for the locals and the foreign, this bar sees itself reaching full capacity fast. Thanks to its dinner options, the crowd starts streaming in from 6pm. By 9, a party is much in swing already. You might be disappointed if you come too late, but c'est la vie.

Just like its other group members, the New Asia Bar does not disappoint with its drinks. Well-blended and just as unique, the drinks are capable of bringing your mind to a higher level. Whatever it takes to bridge your mind and your body together. But an interesting note about the bar is its food options. Like most bars, they do serve the normal pizzas and fried food. However, the portions are not served as small as the rest and they are more delicious than most. The pizza is flavourful, the mushrooms are juicy and the breaded prawns are just tantalising. Perfect for dinner then drinks, especially if you're not one who likes to travel.

Ultimately, New Asia Bar can be quite the party. It may not be attracting the faux-cool crowd, but its party vibe sure makes up for this. You need not pretend to be cool, rich or hip to fit in here. As long as you're up for some fun, you will love what's going down here.

Written by:
Aslinda Khanafi