Keeping it casual and kicking it chic, Intro Bar will be get you acquainted with an upscale bar lifestyle. The ground-level bar is the prelude to everything that the Equinox tower, famed for housing its restaurants and bars within its skyscraper, has to offer. Intro Bar is a hint, a whisper, a nudge towards everything classy and tasteful with a climatic end.

The décor in Introbar can easily be described as chic with tinges of a relaxed aura. Plush sofas, comfy chairs, low tables and sporadic dark-coloured dividers take up the space here. Illuminated by yellow lighting that is reminiscent of the sunset, the bar is saved from any sense of pretentiousness that most lounge bars fall trap to. The dim lighting and the occasional highlights by the sun's rays gives the bar a sense of warmth, in spite of its deceivingly intimidating outlook. The dollar-roller here is definitely the view that you will get of Singapore 's busiest junctions and walkways. Ideal for people-watching, what you gain here is the fact that you get to take in Singapore 's busy culture of ‘keep on moving' in a comfy and stylish setting.

However, should you really just want to kick back with a good drink, count yourself lucky. Known to be a ‘Bartender's Bar' where the bartenders can whip up concoctions at your table, the drinks here live up to its reputation well. Bar manager Melissa Lok, being the liqueur connoisseur that she is, can easily whip out something that will suit your taste buds. If you think you love your alcohol, wait till you get one personalised for you. With great blending of the liqueur and other ingredients, the drinks are well-formulated enough such that nothing in the mixture will overpower the other.

That being said, the house specialities are just as potent, especially with them being presented in really cool glasses. The Stamford Tower for example, comes in a glass shaped like the famous tower, while what lies within you will give your senses hints of the classic Pina Colada but with a milder after-taste. The Merlion ( no prizes for guessing what it comes in ) has a lavenderish taste, with a citrus after-taste. Sweet and sour, all in a glass. And just in case you're wondering, you can purchase these glasses. Perfect as souvenirs for your relatives and friends who are missing out on one of Singapore 's most interesting.

But before you pass it off as a tourist hang-out ( we don't blame you; it is after all, located within a hotel ), the bar does have its fair share of locals and expats coming in after work and/or shopping. But be forewarned that the place gets packed pretty quickly. Unless you want to spend the rest of your night standing around, we'd suggest you go there as early as 11 a.m. ( kidding, but the bar does open that early so don't let office-hours stop you ). And the service staff does not discriminate either. Decked smartly in black and white, they do not offer preferential treatments to just guests of the hotel. Equally attentive to everyone, it doesn't matter where you're from. You're a guest and you will get the proper treatment.

Ultimately, Intro Bar is probably a place you've passed by a million times since it's located at City Hall. And chances are, peering from outside will make you wonder how it feels to be in an upscale joint like this. But what you don't know is that while it may look upscale, it really is not as intimidating as you would imagine. The drinks are great, the service is good and the view is just fantastic. It's worthy of that stop-over, trust us on this one.

Written by:
Aslinda Khanafi