Just as you thought you’ve seen it all, along comes a place like Loof that makes you reassess your perceptions of what defines a cool club. With a concept that separates it from every other pea in the pod, Loof brings about a scene that is different and yet surprisingly non-threatening into a done-to-death industry. From its amazingly altitudinous location to its fresh approach, Loof is no fool when it comes to the alternative lifestyle.

What started out as a daring move for a fresh graduate, Loof proved to be the unexpected hit of this year. Securing the top floor of Odeon Towers, the al-fresco joint is a picture of avant garde serenity. With wooden flooring made exciting using random transparent spots, and trees standing prominently, this chill pad is all about going back into nature, but with a mod and playful exterior. While the temperature is highly dependent on the weather ( since it is after all, al-fresco), it’s filled with surprises, such as sunken seats and walls that tell a story, to make you forget the humidity. At least, for a while. However, rest assured that there is an air conditioned room behind, though it is much smaller than the rest. Alternatively, you can just take it like a man and mingle where the crowd is.

The crowd here is mostly made up of young executives, seeking to unwind. Nobody there expects to get wild and rowdy, like they do in most bars. You will see a lot of lounging around, while enjoying drinks and good conversations. This feeling is further perpetuated by the down-tempo, soul and funk music that is emitted through the speakers. A note-worthy mention is the bar’s support for the local arts scene. This, in return, makes it another hot spot for those in the entertainment profession. It‘s all about being quirky and open-minded. There is a certain aura of nirvana here that is just so disarmingly laid back.

Although newer than most, the drinks and food here can pack quite the punch. Signature drinks like the Loof Life and the Purple Turtle accentuate the perfect blend of their ingredients, with none overpowering the rest. If you’re more of a house pour guy than a cocktail fan, then you will not be disappointed either. (We hate bars who skim on their drinks too. If it was up to us, they’d be served with a fine!) And the Magic Mushrooms ( don’t get too excited. We checked. They’re clean) are so succulent that they are almost illegal.

In line with their laid back theme as well, the staff here are dressed in jeans and t-shirt, different from the norm of t shirt and pants. They’re young and hip and amazingly not the normal slackers you will expect from their age group. Attentive and polite, they serve as the perfect representatives of a place that works so hard at remaining blasé yet trendy.

Not surprisingly, this place has pulled out all the stops in making sure you get your much needed “I’m not thinking about work” moments. It’s a lifestyle that is addictive and almost mandatory. And it’s especially fun when it rains, cause they go into one-for-one madness ( although this only applies if it rains before 9). When it pours, they pour. And that’s fine enough in our books.

Tel : 6338 8035

Written by:
Aslinda Khanafi