All those who pride themselves in being Vodka vulcans, be prepared for humility. Q Bar, the latest ultra stylish bar to hit our shores, is so committed in stocking up on the different Vodkas available that a Russian winter sounds like a walk in the fields. Being an off shore sister of Thailand ’s infamous Q Bar, the namesake hopes to establish a lifestyle similar to it yet, with our own local twist. And undoubtedly, the 2-month old establishment is all poised to mark its Vodka-tory, in our vibrant night entertainment scene.

Located amidst the colonial architecture of the Arts House, Q bar seduces everyone who walks past it, with the prominent Q sign positioned right outside the bar. And if that doesn’t do it, there are lush and comfy sofas taking up space at its al-fresco section. All these are positioned to entice you into the haven that Q Bar hopes to provide. However, since it is kept cool by fans, the temperature can get a tad too high at times.

Within the bar itself, there are more low cushioned seats. However, unlike the massive exterior, the interior is smaller in scale, making it so much easier for anyone to reach the bar. Soft deep-bass music resonates through the speakers to further add on to your uber-mod catch up session. The second floor is turned into a dance floor, with the colonial towers of the building being kept in place, to give it an almost Da Vinci feel. Da Vinci and house music never went so well together, till you allow yourself to fully experience it.

Positioning their Vodka collection as their main attraction pull, the visual stunner and mind blower of the bar is their futuristic blue chiller that takes residence ever-so-prominently. With temperatures that can go as low as to minus 22 degrees, the mighty display of Vodkas within it, from known names like Absolut and Smirnoff, is complemented with Dutch Van Gogh and Polish Wyborowa Single Estate. Bear in mind, some of these brands are sold exclusively to Q Bar. This is the one place for you to gain some knowledge while taking in the best each state has to offer.

Along with that, Q Bar offers concoctions that are more potent than what you will expect to find in other bars. Instead of going for the standard 30ml pour, they are more generous with an allowing of 45ml. Strong pours are turning into the new house pours, particularly since their prices are not really far off from prevailing bar prices. And as for the ladies, they have drinks that will tickle your fickle buds such as the Chocolate Tangerine Martini. Made with Van Gogh Dutch Chocolate, Cremé de Cacao White & Grand Marnier, the clear drink is your mocha frappucino with a kick.

The bar food too is praiseworthy. Shying away from the normal chicken wings and fries, their servings of Japanese inspired cuisine means that you can restrict your calorie intake highly to your drinks. Of course, Vodka is also known to have the least number of calories. Don’t get us wrong. We are not encouraging alcohol addiction here, but if you are into the culture of drinking and winding down, at least do it with style and with the least amount of calories.

Due to its location, it is not surprising that the bar attracts mainly the corporate crowd from nearby offices. However, the people seemed to be much classier than those found in the rowdy bars across the quay. As for the weekends, the club does get its fair share of the funky crowd. And this is especially since the bar is strict with their dress code. Those decked in Bermudas, singlets and sandals can try their luck at any of the other joints littering Boat Quay. This is strictly for the casual smart and the casual chic.

Being part of a chain that is widely famous in South East Asian, Q Bar has a lot of expectations to live up to. However, considering what it has offered so far, with promises of more to come, this trend central might probably be the new addiction of the town. Ultimately, Q bar is all about setting up an atmosphere so intimate that you will be lost in the bliss that you have been idealising about.

Q Bar is located at The Annex @ The Old Parliament House,
1 Old Parliament Lane #01 - 04

Written by:
Aslinda Khanafi