If you like winding down where it’s elegant and swanky, Balaclava will provide the perfect backdrop for your chichi affair. Complete with sofa chairs, low tables, high stools, mod drapes, dark lighting and screen dividers, the watering hole is the perfect setting for an intimate party or a cosy chill out session. With strong ambience music filling your senses, this is a place that just chills your mind, while your eyes wander at the crowd of high flying bankers and the tie-less suits. It may be posh enough for the Becks, but still waters run deep.

Maybe it’s the overflow of corporate madness, or maybe it’s just the grossly disproportionate ratio of staff to clients, but service at this once ultra-hip bar is not as attentive as one might hope. Although they were seen circling the floors, it took quite a while before one actually attends to you. If you’re fussy about prompt services, then this will prove to be the sour point of your night. Complementing the lounge with more staff on peak nights will make a world of difference to the guests.

Along with that, the elegant clientele that patronised the place seems to have been replaced by a more rowdy lot. Although there are hints of the glory days, it no longer is the place that had Rolls Royces pulling up front. However, that being said, the scene there is still as alive, albeit more contradictory to its prescribed elegance. This burgeoning growth just points to the popularity of this club that has everyone wanting to flock to it.

Inadvertly, due to its high traffic, reservations have to be made weeks in advance for a seat in Balaclava . Unless you reach there early enough, be prepared to stand around while preparing to make a mad dash for a table opening up. While your feet may tire out, be assured that there are plenty of spots for you to just place your cocktails and martinis - your overly priced drinks. Happy hour deals are great, but once the happy hours roll over at 8 p.m, so will your cards. Due to its more esteemed crowd, this may not be a problem for those swimming in the fortunes of NASDAQ and Forex. But, if you are essentially looking for cheap drinks, the only thing that will feel cheap is you.

Ultimately, Balaclava is a place set for the high rollers and corporate shakers. From the ambience to drink prices, this is a playground designed for them to parlay in. If you have cash to splurge, with a desire to experience a lifestyle different from what you are used to, then, by all means… spoil yourself.

Written by:
Aslinda Khanafi