Should I stay home or go out? Cuddle on the sofa or have a drink in the tropical outdoors? With the opening of Sunset Tavern, you no longer have to make this choice. If the bar is not close to home, the neighbourhood setting of Sunset Tavern will at least exude that kind of feel. Relax in the indoor section of the bar, with its brown leather sofas, plasma televisions and a pool table. Or chill out on one of the tropical rattan chairs on its outdoor deck to experience equatorial ecstasy.

  • The Vibe
    Away from the city and the crowd, Sunset Tavern is where you can enjoy your drinks in peace. With a good mix of locals and expatriates, this is one bar that is interesting and not too excruciatingly swanky. The exterior, a deck illuminated by candles, gives you the opportunity to sit under the stars in a resort-style setting. Inside, the ambience is completely different – the dark brown theme, dim lighting and a floor without tiles make the bar look like an urban home. The bar's two themes are based on the loves of Singaporeans – the urban, juxtaposed with the tropical. Moreover, it is laidback and without any form of salaciousness.
  • The Drinks
    Sunset Tavern's drinks outdo many reputable bars. Although the selection is narrow, offering only a few cocktails besides the standard drinks, these cocktails are of a high standard. Moreover, Sunset Tavern's skilled bartender is a maestro at concocting his own unique creations. Try Sage ($14), a mixture of vodka, triple sec and fruits. With a grapy taste, this drink is topped with fresh orange slices and cherries. A nice blend of alcohol and fruits, Sage is what a cocktail should be like.

    For a delightfully presented cocktail, sample Three Wonders ($14), aptly named because of the three different flavours that make up this martini. Like the rainbow caught in a glass, Three Wonders has different layers of colours that make it look bright and beachy. Tasting a little like the classic Cosmospolitan, this drink has a strong cherry taste and an equally strong tingle of the tequila. Another refreshing drink that is the favourite of the Sunset Tavern staff is the Lychee Mint ($14), which contains very little alcohol and just a hint of mint. This concoction is ice-blended and tastes of fresh lychees, a nice change from cocktails that taste like artificial syrup.

    Those who prefer mocktails and other non-alcoholic drinks are spoilt for choice at this bar. The Red/White Scotch ($8) whisks deceivingly into the mocktail selection – it is make of butterscotch, milk and cherry. Delicious but a little too sweet and creamy, this drink tastes a little like the local favourite bandung, with a more authentic fruit flavour. Try also the Chocolate Haze ($8) a cold chocolate drink that is milky and not too sweet; one of the best chocolate milk drinks I have tasted. The tavern offers you a choice of a virgin or alcoholic version of this drink, letting anyone enjoy this chocolate fantasy.

  • The Service
    The crew here is young, friendly and always eager for conversation. They also know the menu well, including items that are house specials and are not listed, and are willing to recommend you their favourite drinks. And, their taste is reliable. Drinks arrive fairly quickly and tables are kept clean all the time.

The SD Advisor Take On Sunset Tavern
Sunset Tavern is a place I recommend for sure. With excellent drinks, good service and a relaxed atmosphere, it is a good way to get out of the city yet enjoy the perks of downtown. The bar gets a little crowded at night, probably because of the standard it upholds.