Behold the pleasure of five different experiences all in one building known more affectionately as the Screening Room. Like its name suggests, the marriage between food and films takes one's dining experience to the next level – there is always more to indulge in than a box of caramel popcorn. In addition, the rooftop bar (as well as their basement bar) at Screening Room adds another collection to the series of rooftop bars springing up (literally) all over office buildings in Singapore.

Like yin and yang – some prefer the breezy, relaxed atmosphere of the rooftop bar, whilst others prefer a darker, sombre and cosier hideout underground. One may roam the floors as one pleases, but of course the sight of starry nights and casual wooden furnishings never fail to entice guests up the staircase. Otherwise, there is always the journey underground – Screening Room has another basement bar featuring over 50 labels of premium whisky for the adventurous. Nevermind that the smoking ban has been implemented recently, the Big Smoke ($13 a glass; $260 a bottle) more than makes up for it. A whiff of this Scottish whisky equates to a puff – without the smoke of course. Smooth down the throat, its perfume lingers around even as one indulges in bar snacks. Equally intoxicating (to the senses) is the Cao Ila 1992 13-Year Old whisky ($15 a glass; $300 a bottle), a rare aged single malt Scottish whisky from the Islay region. While the Cao Ila teases with its sweet aftertaste, the Big Smoke has an edge to it – so go ahead, choose as you please.

It isn't just cocktails and whiskies at the Screening Room – bar snacks are taken very seriously over here. Behold a dazzling array, as even their Posh Truffle Salsa Popcorn or Morrocan Spiced Potato Chips are exquisite in taste, light to the palate but tastier than Ruffles or Lays. If it isn't enough, Baked Bacala Fritters ($10) and Mini Seafood Cakes ($12) fresh from the ocean are bound to satisfy any craving, and are best paired off with refreshing drinks like the classic Cosmopolitan ($13), or endearing Hanky Panky ($14) with its sweet banana aftertaste. This unique blend of banana liqueur, pineapple juice, Midori and Blue Curacao teases, excites and satisfies.

Celebration brings about food and wine; here in Screening Room one is able to do just that. Wine, whisky, cocktails…the abundance of them all including delicious treats that remain equally appetizing whether eaten warm or at room temperature is enough to spend a good few hours hiding away at the corner of Ann Siang Hill. Better yet are their Stuffed Chicken Winglets and burgers, easy to eat and extremely delectable –so do order more!

Screening Room is the next classic film theatre to be. With screenings, fabulous food and a good punch of alcohol mixes, there is every reason to celebrate. Chill out, dine in or idle away the starry evening as you please – open air or underground.

Written by:
Viviane Then