Roti Prata

Watching this South Indian flatbread being made is almost as much fun as eating it! With a few deft flicks of the wrist, a skilled “prata” man transforms a small, elastic dough blob into a paper-thin sheet, snapping and flapping it through the air. He folds and tucks this into a square, tosses it onto a hot griddle, and fries it to a golden brown. A quick squeeze to fluff up its soft inner layers and flake up its crisp crust, and it is ready to be devoured with a splash of curry gravy, or a sprinkle of sugar for the sweet-toothed. 

Prata orders have their own jargon – say “kosong” for a plain prata, “telur” to have an egg cracked into it before it is folded, “plaster” to have an egg cracked over it while it fries, and “bawang” for an onion-stuffed treat. Recent topping innovations include sardines, tomatoes, and even cheese, and ice cream! Small wonder that prata is a popular choice around the clock. Many of Singapore’s 24-hour food outlets sell this savoury dish. 

Recommended Places

  • Casuarina Curry
    The plain prata are super-fluffy inside thanks to an intricate method of folding and tucking the dough. Soulfood Food Court, #01-01 Matrix Block, 30 Biopolis St, Biopolis 
  • Al-Jilani Restaurant
    This 24-hour eatery is popular among backpackers, and has a large menu of pratas as well as fried rice and noodle variations.127 Bencoolen Street          
  • Mr Teh Tarik
    Very crisp prata served with pungent, thick curry gravy. 11 outlets across Singapore. 

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