The 100% Increase In Productivity Technique

by : Pedro Bexiga

Hello my friend,

Do you want to increase your productivity by more than 100%? Read on you will see how.

Don't belive me? Well you can risk missing it or you can take 2 minutes and just read on.

This is a technique that can improve your productivity by more than 100%, don't belive me?

*** The 100% increase in productivity Technique! ***

Procrastination is Good!

Yes! We all suffer from it, but what you might know is that we can use it to make our productivity increase, the way to do it is to embrace the concept "Tomorrow is the best day to do this..." and not the "Don't leave for tomorrow what you can do today!"

Don't agree??? Well, let's give it a try and I will show you how you can use the natural leave it for tomorrow attitude we all have to your benefit. All you need is a small notebook and a pen!

Here is how it works:

  1. Day 1: Everyday before you leave the office (or at night at home) list all the tasks you need to do this week

  2. Day 1: Read through them and list the 6 top one numbering them from 1 to 6 (1 the most urgent/ important)

  3. Day 2: When at work start with number one and do them until number 6

  4. Day 2: At the end of the day (or at night at home) review what you have done, cross over all the completed tasks, and in the next page of the work book write the tasks that need to be done. IMPORTANT: don't use the same page as Day 1, this day is gone, write them in a new page and cross over all Day 1 activities.

  5. Day 2: Rank the activities you have written from 1-6 again, note that if any of the activities of Day 1 (the 1-6 ones) were not done they should rank on top this day. Even if they were small tasks put them on top this way you will not drag small tasks over weeks and they become a big issue.

  6. Day 3: go to point 3 and start over

That's it! It's simple and works!

Don't believe me? Try it! But here is the secret behind it. When you plan things at night or at the end of the work day you plan what you are going to do TOMORROW!!!

This way your brain is open to accept tasks and prepares to work upon them, with no barriers because the tasks are not for now but for TOMORROW.

Like i told you "Tomorrow is the best day to do anything..." This is how our brain works and this way we can trick it:)

Try it for a week and than tell me what you think.


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