How to use your pain to gain

by : Nicholas Dixon

Pain.All of us have felt that emotion some time or the other.And most of us fear that heart-wrenching feeling that pain brings.We all have to deal with it , but some people treat it differently.

Successful people recognise and use the value of pain to gain in there lives.Any person who is a success carries with them a lot of pain inside.But what makes them different ? Simple.Pain is the only road to true success in life.And that can be personal , business or family.

Athletes are a prime example .To be the best , they have to train and stretch their muscles.This in turn strengthens and builds them which makes them powerful.But to achieve this as you know can be very painful.But , these athletes know that to bear the pain gives them the edge to gain.

Being in a relationship or running a business will set you up for some pain.In business rude people,your fears and unreliable technology will cause you pain.Jealousy,fears, power struggles etc. can burn you in a relationship.But we all have to get over them.

Most people will run from the pain.They are the ones with the stories of dreams that were unfulfilled.But the truth is, the only way to achieve your goal is to go through the pain.

So my friends if this moment you are feeling pain , smile inside.At least you now know even if others don't , it is your path to success.Use it wisely because where there is no pain , there is no gain.

To your success and mine .....,


© 2003 Nicholas Dixon