Examination Strategies

by : Colin Ong TS

1) Prepare a realistic time-table for your study preparation. Take into account that you may still have to go back for remedials and tests.

2) Look at you examination time-table. Are there days that you may have sit for 2 papers? Strategise and be prepared.

3) Check the marks allocation. Go through the different ways in which you can get distinctions. There could be some sections that you are confident of scoring well.

4) Do you have any friends or relatives who have set for the same examinations? Maybe they can provide tips like "The last essay is always tricky" or "There is not enough time for the MCQs".

5) Take time to know thyself. Especially your weaknesses. Are you careless in essay-writing or write rather slowly?

6) Studying in groups may not be advisable right to the eve of the examinations. You must have sufficient solitude to reflect on your examination strategy.

7) Some students have the tendency to listen to their Walkman during their revision. Be mindful that the examination is held in silence.

8) If you are sitting for an essay-style examination, don't just study in point form. It is crucial that you take a "trial-run" and write complete essays to time yourself. You may be surprised that of not having enough time for completing the essays in the stipulated period.

9) Exercise regularly during this period.

10) It is okay to study during the wee hours of the night but remember that the examinations are held during waking hours! It will be a tragedy if you are able to perform best after your examination schedule.

11) As matters of the heart do play a part in distracting students, have a pact with your partner to give each other space to study and prepare.

12) Lastly, if you feel that you can't manage your examinations preparation, talk to your teacher or course coordinator. There are many reasons why you can't cope and most may not be academic in nature.