Where is the Time and Money?

by : Miami Phillips

An informal survey (by me) over the last two weeks has revealed an interesting statistic.

I asked almost everybody I spoke to (even strangers) if they had enough time. If they had enough time I asked if they had enough money.

Most said they had neither enough time nor money. A few (very few) had time but no money. Even fewer had enough money.

Then I asked if they knew anyone who had enough time and money. One person could name three people, but I do not think he knew them very well. He was one of the few who knew someone.

My wife named three people. All were retired. All had worked the same jobs most of their lives and had paid for their homes. One was her grandmother of 93, one was a single man of 84 and the other was a couple in their late 60's that lived in the same place all their lives.

Ouch! Can this be true? Do the majority of people not have time and money until they retire? Which brings up this question. Is it OK to have time and no money? Or is it OK to have money but no time?

Are we spending (literally) our whole lives chasing after time and money with little possibility of reaching that goal until late in our lives?

Why am I even writing about this? What is the point? Does it even matter that we seem to chase time and money our whole lives?

One thing that comes to mind is our kids. You know, the children that are growing up to lead the world, and solve the problems we are leaving to them. What are we teaching them by our actions? We aren't teaching them much directly because we are too busy!

Maybe I write this out of guilt. How many times have I told my boys I am too busy to listen, play, talk, watch a movie, read a book, and go outside or a thousand other things kids want to do?

Or maybe this is the same thing that attracts me so powerfully to the BeDoHave formula.

I have said that most people are Doing something to Have stuff so they can Be somebody. This is the formula we have been conditioned to accept since before we were born by our parents, peers, advertising and entertainment. DoHaveBe.

Do you see how we can never have enough stuff to be somebody because there is always more stuff to have? Under this formula we are scrambling, using all our time to earn money so we can buy stuff. Are we not using our time and money in order to be somebody? The big question is when are we going to be somebody? When will we have enough stuff?

Let's turn the formula around to BeDoHave. I think that might be the cure!

First we work on the Being ourselves. Who are you? Be that person first.

Next we find what it is we love to do. Do that with passion and joy. Give it everything you got!

Then comes the more difficult part. We must have faith in the Universal Energy that when you Be who you are and you Do what you love that you will Have what you will need.

I think the people who do have enough time and enough money are following the BeDoHave formula. Now I know what questions to ask for my next survey!

Your Coach and online friend,


Miami Phillips

Helping others find their path - and stay on it.




Quotation of the Week

Your soul doesn't care what you do for a living. Your soul cares only about what you're being while you're doing whatever you're doing.Neale Donald Walsch (Conversations with God)