Image is Key to Your Marketing Success

by : Debbie Dahmen

In virtually any business first impressions are lasting impressions. Most people have heard this statement for years, and yet some people completely ignore the first impression they are conveying to potential customers or clients.

Regardless of the industry you are in image is a part of your marketing. Take the real estate industry. An often-overlooked part of marketing is the image an agent projects. This includes marketing collateral, clothing and the type of car you drive.

Do you convey the image that is appropriate for your market? If you are dealing with first time buyers, does your image match the market? If you are dealing with very seasoned buyers, what is the nonverbal message you are communicating? Not that you should become something you are not, but you should be aware of the message you are conveying. Image doesn’t mean you have to go into debt over it. However, it does mean to make appropriate investments.

An aspect of your image is the company or corporation you work for. If you are part of a larger company remember you are part of a larger company. No matter how much you may want to do things that are outside company policy, if you are with that company then your agreement is to follow their structure.

Your image is also reflected in how you talk to customers about the company you represent. Speak well of any organization you are connected with. If you can’t then perhaps a change of the company you are associated with is in order.

You phone skills are also a part of your message. How do you answer the phone? Are you happy to hear from customers or are they an annoyance to you? If they are an annoyance, you definitely need to get out of the business you are in. And FAST!

Whatever your profession keep in mind the impression you are leaving behind. Is it one you want to be remembered by?