Make Your Dreams Reachable

by : Janet K. Ilacqua

All too often, we may be envisioning a level of success, which is far beyond what we can realistically accept and thus fall short of full manifestation. However, if we can envision a period of time in which our success can gradually increase, quite often our subconscious can more easily accept it. However, allowing ourselves to get comfortably accustomed to a steadily increasing flow of abundance in our lives tends to stabilize it for us.

We've all heard stories about people who won the lottery and promptly lose it. This is a problem with acceptance. Simply, it was too much, too fast. It is far rarer to hear of someone who steadily and consistently increases his or her income losing it. Because the subconscious mind has time to grow familiar with the experience of steadily increasing abundance, there is no need to sabotage the process. Another problem is the subconscious mind's "believability factor." It is far easier for the subconscious to swallow this new approach to success a small piece at a time. Allowing the process to occur in simple steps permits the Universe to cooperate solidly, with substance. This is because the subconscious can grasp the change more solidly and with greater substance.

Being gentle with yourself in your success work is very important in gaining success. Doing violence to your own inner logic accomplishes nothing. Stretch yourself of course, but allow it to be a natural growth process.