Standing in the Gap

by : Kimberly Chastain

I’m weary of saying No to my children. Not just the everyday No’s. Don’t hit your brother and No, you cannot have 5 pieces of candy. I am weary of the No I am continually saying to our culture. The world is bound and determined to take away my children’s innocence. They want my children to grow up way too fast. They want my little girl to dress like an adult. They want my little boy to know things he is way too young to know. I’m weary of saying you can’t go to that movie, because it is not appropriate for your age. No, you can’t wear what everyone else is wearing, because it is not appropriate. The straw that finally broke the camel’s back was when my son walked in while I was watching the news. He asked me, “Mommy is it true that men can marry men and women can marry women?" “Mom, if two women marry can they have a baby?" My son is 6. I don’t want to be discussing sexuality with him much less homosexuality. So, I told him that no men can’t marry men and women can’t marry women (for now anyway) and that women with women cannot have a baby. (Don’t get me started on explaining how they can). I should not be having these discussions with my children, but I’m being forced too. What happened to childhood innocence?

As I was thinking about my weariness I remembered the song and verse in the Bible about Standing in the Gap. I also realized that God cares more for my children than I do. He is there to guide me and support my weariness. He knows there is sin in the world. God wants me to rest in him and seek his guidance in these difficult times. He wants me to say No and set moral limits based on Biblical standards that differ widely from the world. He expects me to raise children who respect God and obey his commands.

The problem with being weary is it is so easy to give in. I have been there and I would guess you have to. Oh, okay you can see that movie or maybe you can wear that shirt. You know “Everybody else does." Please hear me clearly there is a big difference between raising naive children and innocent children. I just want my children to grow up in a reasonable time frame. I want them to know what is appropriate for their age.

So, fellow Mom I ask that we stand together. That we stand in the gap for our children. That we constantly seek God’s guidance and protection for our children. We can grow weary, but we can’t give up. Our children need us to show them the way. They need to see living up to God’s standards is very different than the world’s.