Why Arent You Seriously Wealthy Already?

by : Neil Millar

I bet you want to be wealthy, but somehow the money eludes you.

Perhaps you overspend, perhaps it's the impulse purchases, perhaps you just don't earn enough per hour. Maybe it's an accumulation of old debts. But have you thought that the solution to your problem might be a whole lot simpler than you imagine.

What if I told you that, if you are average, today you lost 58,000?!

And what if I told you that you lost the same yesterday, and the day before?

And what if I told you that this is the way you've been going ever since you can remember. Let me explain...

I'm talking about brain activity here, not money, because it's your brain activity that actually determines your wealth. On average, the human brain has sixty-two thousand thought impulses per day. Of these fifty-eight thousand are negative and four thousand are positive. But do you know the crazy thing about this?

Almost all of those negative impulses are the same ones we had yesterday! What we do habitually is compound the same thought processes, or errors, day after day after day. Dumb, eh?

So what does this tell us?
Well its little wonder that generally life doesn't move forward quickly and that you spend more time 'wanting' to be wealthy than actually 'being' wealthy. This is largely because our brains are creating such deep routed resistance to change by all the negative brain activity every day. It tells us that people who are rich and wealthy - not just rich and wealthy in monetary terms, but in friends, family and career happiness are probably having more positive thoughts than the average person. So what can we do with this information?

Well, first you can look at your finances, your friends, career or any area of your life and if things are not at a level you are satisfied with you can look at the thought impulses you are compounding day after day on that subject.

Here are two ideas:

1. Decide to become rich and wealthy right now.
Let's reverse the thought process. When you catch a negative thought or feeling, replace it with at least two positive thoughts. This cuts down the time for your brain to have negative thoughts and makes sure your account ends up at least twice as many pluses as minuses!

2. Avoid negative things
Negative news, negative people, negative areas... negative work!

Remember the solution to your problem is a whole lot simpler than you imagine. Good luck