Do People Really Take Jobs for Money?

by : Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A.

Money motives in American culture appear to be what drives a job seeker to accept a job. Why work if it is not for money?

The intangibles count more than money! What are these intangibles? Pleasant co-workers, interesting tasks to do, fair management, health benefits, retirement plans, etc. Money seems almost an extra perk that goes with the other things that can't really be measured.

And money paid to someone who is unhappy in their job is like paying someone to commit suicide while still being alive. The worker wishes the pain would end, but it doesn't, so he or she trudges along pretending and suffering. The effort needed to make a change, just isn't there. For that person, it is a badge of honor. Honorable suffering!

The idea of looking and finding something better doesn't exist. This job keeper is a prisoner of their own thoughts and efforts.

The job holder who is happy, successful and feels good, is with an employer and knows that the money is there to satisfy his/her needs. The struggling and striving for position, power and more money is not there as the job they are in is what they want. It's like feeling satisfied after a good meal.

This situation is a yes answer about money. The unhappy worker needs to break the mold and find more of the positive answers to a life. The jobs are there that do give workers money, good co-workers, positive managers and pleasant tasks to do. It's up to the unhappy 'not in a good place or job' to be honest and stop the nose to the grindstone mentality.

It does take some 'gumption' to find the next, good job!