The Farmland near Slough - Farmlands for Sale

by : Peter Lo

The Farmland near Slough is mainly occupied for the purposes of husbandry such as the production of cereals, milk, dairy products, livestock and their products.

There has been a staggering increase in the price of the farmland near slough owing to the fact that the farm is being purchased not only by the farmers but also by city folks looking for long weekends and family holidays. According to the recent released statistics published by the Royal Institute of Char tered Surveyors (RICS), the price of the farmland is appreciating at a rate of 30% year on year with an average price being GBP 10,000 per Hectare.

With the Government declaring the requirement of over 200,000 extra homes per year, the need of developing some of the farmlands have become a necessity to the local councils as well.

Farmland for sale that is located near existing residential areas may be a perceptive investment, if in the future the land is re-designated for residential use.

Once the planning permission is granted on the farmlands near Slough, the land prices are bound to soar and the investors can easily expect returns anywhere between 400 to 800%.