Real Estate Investing Advice

by : Joel Teo

Real estate investment offers positive cash flow and tax benefits. However, much like any other investment niche, real estate is dependent on intricate market trends that must not be overlooked, lest the investor may suffer a significant loss.

Surprisingly, several newbie investors are willing to part with their hard earned money, without carrying out a preliminary research of their investment. Instead of relying on a meticulous analysis, they bank on intuitions and traditional trends. But before you risk your investment, do heed the following real estate investing advice, in order to ensure significant returns on your property investment.

a) Verify the seller's credentials - Newbie investors find a lucrative property but don't bother verifying the seller's credentials, since they are in a hurry to bag the property. But I suggest they hold their horses. They should verify certain aspects, including rent payment records, taxes, and other possible expenses.

b) Avoid negative cash flow - Another real estate investing advice is to choose a property that does not eat away your working capital on a regular basis. There is no point buying a property that requires more money for its upkeep relative to the revenue it generates for you. You might be forced to sell such an asset prior to the realization of any benefits of ownership.

c) Original tenants can provide the much needed information - Ask the tenants if they are troubled by pest infestation, lack of basic amenities, or some other recurring problem. You surely don't want to buy a property that requires an awful lot of repair, and even if you do, you must know the problems upfront.

d) Look for an insurance cover - A crucial real estate investing advice is that you must have adequate insurance coverage for your newly bought property. Insurance will provide the much needed veil to protect your personal assets against some legal action.

e) You must charge fair rents - No expense hurts more than what's incurred in the upkeep of a vacant property. Therefore, charge fair rents to ensure that your tenants stick with you for as long as you desire. Moreover, you must also ensure that the chosen tenants are not defaulters. Verify their credentials, talk to their previous landlords, and check their credit history. A preliminary research can save an awful lot of trouble later.

f) Maintain a certain degree of frugality until you have a healthy source of income - Once you have closed a profitable deal, you must avert from going on an extravagant shopping spree. Instead re-invest your profit towards another property payment until you attain a significant positive cash flow on a regular basis.

On the whole, real estate investing can be an extremely profitable investment niche. But you must have a good grasp of what the procedure entails, and must not leave any stone unturned. Just adhere to the real estate investing advice put forth above, and you shall be on your way to become a professional real estate investor.

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