We Will Buy your House Now; But Why

by : Kris Koonar

You may have seen these ads in your local town, posted in the newspaper or on a billboard, and in a seller's market; they might seem a little weird. After all, who would sell their home for less than they could get for it, by selling fast, to a person or company buying it sight unseen?

Well, there are many reasons this works for buyers, and when you get into the meat of the home sale dilemma, it may well be that selling fast - and dodging a realtor's commission in the process - is the right option for you.

Why would someone want to sell their home now? Well, let's say you inherited a home from a relative, and it needs some real tender loving care to make it worth a good price. You could put the hours and days and weeks of work into it that it might need - perhaps a new roof, or replace the floorboards - but that's a lot of effort, and an investment of your own money, to get a sale price that you HOPE is going to be better than average.

Another reason might be that you're having financial difficulties - perhaps you locked into a mortgage that had a nice adjustable rate that, after five years, kicks back into a rate that isn't so easy for you to handle. So what do you do? Sell up? But that can take six months or more, and you have to give a real estate agent 6% or more, and let's face it - all you want is enough to settle the mortgage and make a little profit. So why not 'sell now'?

People have plenty of reason to sell quickly - maybe they lost a good job and are having trouble finding a new one at the same pay-rate. Or maybe there was a divorce and both parties need to sell to split the proceeds. Or perhaps the housing market is looking perilous, like it might just collapse at any time, leaving you owing a fortune on a home that isn't worth squat.

Sometimes people choose to sell fast, not out of peril, but out of opportunity. For example, let's say you found a new home that you fell in love with, and the price is great, and the neighborhood is coming up, and you have to do the paperwork in a month's time - are you really confident that you can sell your home in that time? Can you carry two mortgages while you wait for the right price, or would it be better to just sell 'as is now'?

That's why Asisnow.com exists - to help people who really need to sell their home sooner rather than later. We help the people who don't want to spend $12,000 in realtor fees, and who don't want to have to paint every wall of their home for two weeks in order to get a few hundred bucks more on a sale price. We do what we do, because sometimes you just want to sell your home NOW.

Drop us a note and tell us about your home - we'll buy it, and we'll buy it fast.