Avoid Common Errors & Make Profits

by : Sacha Tarkovsky

Buying cheap property for sale and making profits by selling quickly is the aim of most real estate investors but most don't know how to do it correctly and make 2 fatal errors.

Let's look at how you can avoid these 2 common errors and make big profits buying cheap property for sale.

Error 1 - Buying property just because it's cheap!

You want to buy cheap property for sale but you only want to buy cheap property for sale if there are DEFINITE reasons for it to increase in value.

You should never just buy cheapest property for sale they can find and assume it will get more expensive, chances are it won't!

Many people think because they like it and an area may come in value they will make a killing - Most times this wont happen.

Keep in mind if you are buying cheap property for sale, you should ONLY buy the cheapest you can find near areas or infrastructure that will mean it WILL increase in value. This may mean paying a bit more but the risk reward will be much better

Do not impose your will or opinion act on the facts that are before you.

Most of the best cheap sale for property are in overseas markets so keep the following point in mind when considering any country.

Error 2 - Buying a market that COULD get hot

Every year there is a new hot market overseas that MAY take off and the sales talk is fantastic but if it has not taken off the risk is high.

For example, this year a lot of people are talking about Nicaragua or Romania taking off long term -


If you look at the facts, these markets represent tremendous risk (see our other articles) and only risk taking.

The trick in overseas property is to buy a market that has taken off and is attracting strong investment.

OK, you have missed the start of the market, but property trends last for decades and fact is you will have better risk reward in a market that has taken off and the rewards can be tremendous

Because confidence is high and this attracts further investment.

People like to be with others doing the same thing its human nature.

The secret of buying cheap property for sale is

Don't buy just because property is cheap and look for solid reasons for it to rise in price based around the facts not Your opinion.

Furthermore, if buying an overseas market (where the best rewards on cheap property for sale are to be had) buy a market that is ALREADY showing gains and is attracting rising investment.

So what do we feel is a good market?

The central pacific coast Costa Rica.

Just a 3 hour flight from the US Beachfront property costs up to 70% less than the US and investors are buying strongly in fact this area has been rising nicely for years for example:

Stunning gains and more to come

A $30,000 property bought 15 years ago near the town of Jaco is worth nearly 800,000 today! And prices are still rising year on year.

This is a great market with low risk and fantastic upside which is accelerating.

Costa Rica is stable; it's easy to buy property and is the first choice market for US Buyers in Central America

Baby boomers to drive prices

With baby boomers looking for well priced beach front property and a great area to live this area looks set for further gains

Cheap property for sale low risk and high reward

If you are looking for cheap property for sale with great upside potential and low risk check this area out and you may be glad you did.