Cheap Second Homes - Get One, Enjoy It and Make Money

by : Sacha Tarkovsky

You want a cheap second home, you want it in a great area you can enjoy and you want your property to make money as well this is easy.

You just need to look at different locations and pick the best and thats what this article is all about.

If you are American you may find the cost prohibitive in the southern US states, as cheap second homes are just not available.

Look just a little further a field and just 3 hours from Miami, you can pick yourself up a cheap second home in a paradise location that gives you a lot for your money and can make you money to.

Record numbers are buying a cheap second homes in Costa Rica check out the facts below and you will see why and why this could be your best purchase ever.

1. Proximity

Just 3 hours from the US with regular cheap flights.

2. Low Cost

Buy a second home in Costa Rica and you get more for your money as real estate costs up to 70% cheaper than in Florida and Arizona and the cost of living is low.

You can live comfortably on just $2,000 a month, you simply get more for money here.FREE

3. Lots to do

Costa Rica has it all rolling hills, pristine beaches, volcanoes mountains and much more. Fancy a round of golf or maybe some fishing or a rainforest tour? Costa Rica has them all and is ranked as one of the best adventure tourism spots in the world.

You also get quality shops, vibrant nightlife and all the comforts of home.

4. Safe, stable and friendly

The country is safe and stable, serious crime is rare and Costa Rica has a history of strong ties with the US and if you buy you get the same rights as residents.

5. Tax efficient and capital growth

Its extremely tax efficient and capital growth on real estate here is great. You may by a cheap second home but it will go up in value and property prices are up 500% in the last 10 years!

When your not enjoying your cheap second home you can take advantage of the buoyant rental market and make even more cash.

Record numbers of Americans are buying?

Maybe you should to.

You get a cheap second home in a paradise location, just three hours from the US and the potential to enjoy it and make a lot of money on your investment as well.

As the real estate market in the US is over priced and runs out of steam, more people are buying cheap second homes in Costa Rica in fact, their buying in record numbers.

There getting more for their money and a lifestyle that has variety and quality.

The best cheap second home location for value and lifestyle

Maybe you have not considered a cheap second home in Costa Rica but the advantages as you have seen are huge and it really is a slice of paradise thats affordable to all.

There is not enough room to cover all the benefits of buying a cheap second home in Costa Rica here but if you want to enjoy your ne home or make money from it, you should look at Costa Rica and you will be glad you did.