Tips on Buying Overseas Property

by : Sacha Tarkovsky

Buying a property overseas can be exciting and can also make you money. There is a vast amount of destinations to choose from.

Here we will outline 8 basic tips for buying overseas property that will help you find the property of your dreams.

1. Why are you buying?

Be clear of your major objective before buying your overseas property.

You need to decide exactly what you want the property to do for you.

Is it purely for a capital gain to a profit? Or is it for your use mainly as a vacation home?

2. Don't rush

Don't hurry or act on impulse.

If you miss one property there will always be another one later. Make sure you stay cool calm and collected and don't rush into anything.

3. Get professional help

A good realtor and lawyer may cost you extra, but they can save you money in the long term and its money well spent.

They know the local market and the know the local laws and these are areas you will need guidance in.

The laws in many countries are very different from what you're used to and you need to check all the facts and make sure you're clear on what your rights are.

4. Do Your own Research

While you should have a good realtor and lawyer to help you, the final say in buying the overseas property of your dreams is with you.

So take advice but don't take it blindly, make your own mind up and take your time to ensure the property is right for your needs – only you know them.

5. Select your location to suit your needs

Are you buying to get away from it all and immerse your self in the local culture or are you buying to be in a country and still have a large expert community around you?

The type of property you buy will reflect your personality and what you want to get from your investment.

6. Buying a property for investment

If you are buying a property and want it to appreciate in value, don't go for cheap properties just for the sake of it.

This means avoiding countries where the market is yet to take off and buying one that has taken off and has room for further growth i.e. there is steady investment coming into the market.

New property hot spots come all the time and the sales patter sounds convincing but, most of these markets never take off and a loss.

If you want to make money with the lowest risk you should buy an established market that's expanding and has good potential for more growth.

7. Buy a property in a place that is popular with locals

If you are buying overseas property as investment property it should be in an attractive area for investors of all different nationalities as well as locals.

This means when buying your overseas property you can sell quickly and at a good price, should you wish to do so.

These areas also tend to hold value well and appreciate over time.

Check out the shops, restaurants, and entertainment in an area. Most people who want to use a property as a holiday home will want to be near shops, restaurants, and other facilities.

Also check the transport how close you are to major airports etc

This is critical not only for re selling, but also if you want a rental income. Most people like easy communications especially in the rental market so check access carefully.

8. Check other developments!

Check other developments that are planned in the area around where you are buying your overseas property.

One day you may have a stunning beach view and the next year this could suddenly be a little different, with a huge apartment block in the way!

Think this doesn't happen?

Well it happens to more people than you may think, so don't take the risk check the planning in building that could go on near your property purchase and play safe.

When buying an overseas property, take your time and use the tips above and you are well on the way to buying the overseas property of your dreams – good luck!