How Do I Know How Much to Bid for a Property

by : Umema Quettawala

It has been said that the first three rules of real estate are, "location, location, location." John Beck's proven tax lien and tax deed business teaches people how to conduct the proper research necessary to knowing exactly what the property is worth on the open market and how much you should pay for a property and still be able to make a profit.

John Beck's Amazing Profits tax foreclosure system teaches us the three new rules of real estate:

1. Research property: Know what a property is using the Internet to research properties even in other states. 2. Research amenities: Part of knowing what a property is means learning about the area/state in which a property is located. 3. Research market value: Once you know what the property is, learn what the market will pay for similar properties to set a basic market value which gives you a limit of what you can pay for a property and still make money

Real estate's fundamental truth is that the value of a property can only be determined by what someone will pay to own it. To know what you can pay to acquire a property, you need to know what someone will pay to own that property.

John Beck's tax lien and tax deed business teaches you exactly how to determine what someone will pay for a property. John Beck teaches you how to investigate a potential property investment so you know exactly what it is and he also teaches you exactly how to investigate the market value of that property by comparing the selling prices on other Internet sites.

The beauty of John Beck's tax lien and tax deed business is its turnkey approach to real estate. John Beck teaches you how to use various Internet websites and tools to conduct a thorough examination of a property even to the point of using satellite images to see the property without having to travel to it. This is fundamental research at its best and will help you know exactly what you are buying.

But John Beck's tax lien and tax deed system does not stop there. It also teaches you exactly how to do market research so you know exactly what other people are willing to pay for that type of property. Armed with this knowledge, you know exactly what to pay for a property and still make a profit.

To make it easy for people to get started, John Beck has also established his Landbank and his Property Vault websites available to every one of his members. The Landbank is where John makes his personal picks available to his students at up to 50% off market value-allowing them to buy the property confident that John has already done all the research and knows that this property is the right property to buy at the right price. Included with each property is a sample marketing piece a beginner could simply "cut and paste" to their own auction page making it even easier to get started right now.

The Property Vault is designed as a powerful tool for those who want to find their own properties and screen for a specific set of criteria. With the Property Vault, the student is able to screen through literally thousands of potential investments by area, price, size, and many others.

Sometimes people are so afraid of being ripped off or scammed that they are never actually able to buy a property and break out of their 8-5 daily grind so they never find the happiness they crave. Successful people are willing to take calculated risks and act to make things happen. The right knowledge and tools will make it easy to change your life today so you can make amazing profits tomorrow. John Beck's proven tax lien and tax foreclosure system, his Landbank website and his Property Vault website will give you the tools you need to find success and reach the life of your dreams.