Looking for Free Landlord Forms?

by : Sanjay

The residential lease agreement form is a formal legal contract, used in the lease of apartments and homes. Renting a home or apartment is not as easy as money being exchanged, you must first outline many factors and legally bind yourself to agreements made in the residential lease agreement. All parties must be involved in the contract, and are also bind to all the terms and conditions.

All real estate deal needs to be conducted carefully even if it is as simple as leasing a room or selling a complex or mansion, like other business transactions you made. All the terms and condition should be put down in writing with both parties affix their signatures on it for the safety of the buyer or renter and the seller or landlord.

One of the most common residential lease agreement forms are called month-to-month rental agreements, these are for short-term or indefinite leases. The other most common for tenants who will be staying long-term for many years, called just Lease Agreement, this is a much more comprehensive contract.

Responsibilities as a Landlord

Before your agent will begin to act on your behalf, you must normally enter into a legally binding agreement, which places a number of responsibilities on you.

These will include:

a)A owner of a house, apartment, condominium, or land, which is rented or leased is called 'landlord' and an individual or business, who is called the leasing or renting a house, apartment, condominium us called 'tenant'.

b)A rental agreement, or lease, is the contract define following terms like the price paid, penalties on late payments, the duration of the rental or lease, and the notices required before either the landlord or tenant cancels the agreement.

c)Generally the landlord is responsible for repairs and maintenance, and the tenant is responsible for keeping the property clean and safe.

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