Investing In Montenegro Ski/mountain Property

by : Tem Pearson

Although, currently, the most popular region in Montenegro is widely recognised as the Adriatic coastline, this is not to say that other regions should be overlooked.

In particular, Montenegro offers fantastic ski and mountain resorts which are becoming increasingly popular with tourists and locals alike.

Experts widely recognise that Montenegro and the ski resorts, in particular, are exactly where Croatia was three years ago; this is fuelling a very buyout property market in the mountain regions.

In particular, Channel 4's 'A Place in the Sun' voted Montenegro the best place to invest in property in 2006, which has had a positive effect on the property prices, in recent months. This is not to say that the property market has peaked; far from it, there is still a whole lot more to gain from the property market in Montenegro.

Property prices are predicted to increase twenty percent, annually, meaning a very healthy return over the coming five years. Montenegro is also hoping to become an EU member in the next few years which should further drive up property prices across the country.

It is also worth considering that there is zero capital gains tax and only nine percent corporation tax, making Montenegro a very popular location to invest.

Ski resorts are developing at a rapid rate, in Montenegro, particularly as the government begins to invest heavily in the infrastructure that enables tourists to travel easily to these continually growing resorts.

Skiing is still a reasonably immature market, in Montenegro, which can make it a relatively risky prospect for property investors. It is not yet clear which resort is going to become the primary resort, which can make it difficult to identify the best location.

That said, in time, all the mountainous regions of Montenegro are likely to become popular with skiers, over the next few years and investing in a ski chalet or renovation project is almost certain to produce a good financial result.

Property in the underdeveloped parts of Montenegro, which include the mountainous regions, is set to see a growth of 100 percent, over the next five years, and this could be larger still in the resorts that become the most popular.

One of the resorts that has generated quite a bit of interest recently is Zabljak. This region is of particular interest to investors as it is renowned for not having fantastic accommodation but, nevertheless, for offering wonderful skiing and mountain sports, depending on the season. Zabljak is simply ideal for property investors.

By offering good quality accommodation, it is almost certain that the owner will reap the rewards as tourists realise that some of the best skiing and hiking in the world can be found in this stunning mountain top resort. In the mountains, there are stunning lakes and rivers that have very little development.

Anyone looking to invest in ski resorts in Montenegro should be more than prepared to take on a renovation project. This because the vast majority of property available for sale in these regions are older style properties that need work in order to bring them up to the modern standards required by holidaymakers, worldwide.

Take some time to look at the areas that are undergoing infrastructure developments, as these are likely to indicate the most popular potential ski resorts; this is also where the fastest growth is likely to be in the short to medium term.

Overlook the ski resorts of Montenegro at your own peril!