Second Homes - One you Can Enjoy and Could Make you Rich

by : Sacha Tarkovsky

Buying a second home is often done for recreation but here is one that will make you money as well and could make you a lot of money and were talking beautiful beach front property thats affordable and its easy to do with this concept.

The concept

Imagine having your own beach front second home at up to 70% less than in say Florida, in one of the most beautiful countries on earth, but even better:

An asset that can appreciate at up to 30% per annum or more and you can gain great rental income as well.

So you have a safe investment to grow increase wealth and you can enjoy it to!

The reality

Well the above is a reality, if you buy where record numbers of Americans are - Costa Rica.

Consider this:

A $30,000 property bought near the popular resort of Jaco just 15 years ago is worth as much as $750,000 today and there are bargains still to be had near expanding resorts.

Costa Rica is just a 3 hour flight from the southern US and its no wonder buying and investment is at record levels.

Costa Rica is small but beautiful with magnificent ocean views towering volcanoes rain forest and is quite simply stunning and has all the amenities and recreation you could want.

World class fishing, rainforest tours, casinos are legal great restaurants and much more, its all here in your second home just a 3 hour flight from the US.

Live the dream and own your own slice of paradise.

Prices in new resorts are simply far cheaper than the US and although the standard of living is high, you can easily live comfortably on just $2,000 a month.

Imagine all the above at a price you can afford.

Turning the dream to reality

Not only is Costa Rica beautiful, it's safe, stable, serious crime is rare and the country actively encourages foreign buyers, so the buying process is easy.

You can get all this to enjoy and don't forget this doubles as an investment so can make you wealthy as well.

1. You get cheap affordable beach front property

2. You get an asset rising at 30% or more per annum

3. You can take advantage of the booming rental market for more income

4. You get the same rights as residents and buying is easy

5. You get a quality lifestyle at affordable cost

6. Its close to the US and has strong ties

7. Your investment is highly tax efficient

So forget over priced US property and look a little way south and you can have your own affordable slice of paradise.


Imagine a round of golf in beautiful surrounding world class fishing, or maybe a relaxing rainforest walk and then going home to a beautiful property with stunning views of pristine beaches.

Turn them into to reality

Well don't imagine this second home turn it into reality and see what Costa Rica has to offer.