Tips on Getting your House Sold for Top Dollar

by : Noah Lam

Recently, I have been through the process of selling my home. It was emotional and draining. The following simple tips made my transition a little smoother, and added thousands of dollars to my bottom line. These easy tips invoke the senses; Sight, Touch, Smell, Hearing, and Taste, to bring an emotional attachment to the property.

Find an experienced realtor. A good realtor will bring knowledge and understanding on how to sell your house. They will have an extensive network to bring in the buyers. In addition they can correctly price your home at the right selling price as dictated by the market. Many of us have limited time to follow up on the details of a real estate transaction. They can move the progress along when needed.

Clean the house. I have been to many homes that were dirty. Especially remove the mold and mildew buildup in the shower stall or tub. A messy home can leave a bad impression on the buyer. In addition, the buyer will most likely want to lower the selling price because they feel that the home will need more work than it really does.

Reduce the clutter. Removing some pieces of furniture will make the room appear bigger. In addition, eliminate any personal items, such as personal pictures and collectables. You want to have the prospective buyer think about putting their items in the room. Basically create the opportunity to have the buyer mentally move in.

Clean the landscaping. Remove any weeds, trim the bushes and cut the grass will improve curb appeal. First impressions make lasting ones as buyers drive up to your home. Remember to clean the gutters. Consider seal coating the driveway. Everyone loves a smooth driveway to park his or her car on.

Bright lighting will show the buyer the way. Double check to see all light fixtures have light bulbs and are in working condition. Good lighting will make the home look alive and bring a good feeling about the home

The miracle of a coat of paint will make a difference. While you and your Aunt Sally might like the purple in the hallway. This might drive the buyer away before seeing the rest of your beautiful home. Neutral colors brighten the rooms, and make them look larger also. Exterior paint creates curb appeal.

A good realtor can also paint a story for the buyer. Brochures and literature regarding the home and about the neighborhood provides additional information and the emotional attachment that the buyer should have when walking into a stranger's home for the first time. The seller needs to make that connection for the new buyer.

Repair any broken items. Make sure you fill any cracks or holes. Test out the windows for any stickiness or being painted shut. Nothing is more embarrassing than trying to open a stuck master bedroom window or the window refuses to stay open when you present the dramatic landscape outside the window. What did that light switch turn on? Check the electrical outlets and switches. Also, check for leaks and correct them. Maintain the heating and cooling systems in working order.

Neutralize any odors. Nothing is worse than leaving a home with a smell of wet dog hair or cat urine in the corner of the basement lingering in your nostrils. In addition, if weather allows, open the windows to bring in fresh air.

Insulating the walls and installing insulated windows, should you have a train station or busy highway nearby. You can drive buyers away if a train roars by during the house showing. People are buying your home to find solace especially in the bedroom. Reducing and muffling disruptive noise will have a calming effect on the soul.

Staging the home can help the buyer mentally move in and start placing object where they should belong. Place a vase with fresh flowers in the entrance hallway. Adding table linen and a place setting on the dining room table. Have a bowl of fruit on the kitchen table. Putting a few drops of vanilla on a warm burner will waff this scent through out the home and make it seem like your baking a goody. Food and the illusion for the taste of food is very powerful. Everyone needs to eat.

Have an inspector review your home for any structural issues. Finding out and repairing those problems before a buyer finds them, improves the strength of your selling price. The buyer cannot make any excuses and try to negotiate a better price.

Surprisingly, many realtors skip this little detail about the home. You want to avoid buyer after buyer walking into your home leaving dirt around from room to room. My realtor took the time to provide shoe covers. Basically the same ones you find in the hospital. I thought it was smart, and this little detail made me believe that the realtor really cared about me and for the new buyer.

Remember, you can sell your home as is, or try to get top dollar by implementing these suggestions. You don't get a second chance to make a first impression. Involve any experts to sell your home. For more information regarding shoe covers please visit