Real Estate Investing in Columbus

by : Christopher Lotte

Real estate investing seems to be something of a craze nowadays, with more and more people choosing to take the risk with property. Be it buy-to-let, or as a speculative acquisition, real estate in Columbus, Ohio is becoming a popular choice for professionals and financially savvy entrepreneurs looking for an investment with long-term potential. Columbus itself isn't short of real estate, with an ever increasing new build rate, and a growing population. This transpires into a demand-led marketplace, which makes trading in property and real estate development, a profitable and relatively prudent market to enter.

Columbus, the largest city in Ohio State, is home to bustling professionals and students aplenty, with large insurance and education sectors in the City. Famed for its distinctive metal 'arches' across High Street, Columbus is not only a busy economic hub, but also an emerging tourist attraction. What better place than Columbus to invest in property? Additionally, the fact that the average house price sits reasonably in comparison to national figures makes it the perfect investment opportunity for the long-term prospect. With minimal investment, any developer can turn a homestead into a sought after dream residence, in this beautiful city with so much potential.

Investing in real estate is something which can be done as a consortium, a company, or a personal venture. In Ohio, you are most likely to require a mortgage over the property before you buy, to ensure you have enough liquid capital to complete the transaction. Of course, this is where the element of risk lies, given that the mortgage must be paid back as required, even if you don't have a paying tenant in place. Additionally, you can add to this the cost of renovating or decorating the property, and attracting prospective tenants or buyers also comes at a cost. Ultimately, it's with experience that you become more successful at real estate development, which is one reason it may be better to seek a consortium of investors.

Additionally, numerous investors can help foot the deposit on the mortgage, which can often be required to up to 30% of the total value of the property. Add to that the fact that you can also share any loses, and share responsibility for payment of the mortgage with your compatriots, and you have a fairly stable and safe environment for investing in real estate. Alternatively, you might like to consider incorporation for the event, although this isn't likely to greatly affect your liability on any mortgage. In fact, as a result of limited liability, mortgage lenders often require personal guarantees from the company's promoters to minimise their risk. If you are seriously considering investing in real estate, it may be wise to seek legal advice on the issue beforehand, to help you come to terms with Ohio law, and any intricacies involved with buying real estate in Columbus.

Real estate is seen as the pinnacle of investment; the appreciating asset which can also generate revenue. Although this can be a risky and tough business, Columbus Ohio is full of opportunities, waiting for exploitation from the budding property investor.