The Worst 25 Housing Markets To Be Named

by : Mike Colpitts

The Worst 25 Housing Markets to be named in Housing Predictor's 2007 list will represent some of the best opportunities available in years to purchase property in the U.S. at bargain prices.

Veteran real estate investors search near endlessly for markets that are declining to capitalize on to make their purchases at low prices only to wait out the markets return to good times to sell at higher prices and pocket the profits.

With an all-time record high inventory of vacant homes for sale on the market investors have already begun to flock to some areas to do just that. Experienced real estate investors are a mighty sub-culture of society searching for their next deal.

But does this mean that the average homeowner who owns a home in one of the nation's 25 projected worst markets should get out and sell fast before the local market falls drastically? The answer depends on the situation of each and every individual. Some wannabe investors unable to afford high mortgage payments have already fallen behind in their payments and will do just that. Others will undoubtedly wait too long and become victims of foreclosure and still others have no worries at all.

The majority of homeowners live in their own homes and are protected in a large way by their need to have a roof over their heads and have no need to sell. However, peoples lives change. People get married. People die. People lose jobs, their incomes and all sorts of things, perpetuating activity in local housing markets.

An all-time record number of wannabe investors entered the real estate market in the last four years and these wannabe get-rich-quick types are perhaps the best of all the worst examples of real estate investors to become victims of their own greed. Many will be forced to sell over the next year increasing the inventory of housing in some markets.

The housing markets have been driven in a large part historically by the Federal Reserve Board of Governor's setting interest rates. The Fed has neither lowered or risen rates for nearly two full quarters, leaving the fallout of the U.S. housing markets to their own end. Many are stabilizing. Some are falling drastically and still others are appreciating.

In at least 13 states local housing markets are appreciating, many of which are in the south-eastern part of the nation.

Housing Predictor will be issuing the Worst 25 Market list in March as a guide post for consumers, who have demanded housing market forecasts as a resource of what to expect in their local markets for years. Housing Predictor provides more than 250 local housing market forecasts in all 50 U.S. states and the forecasts are regularly updated to meet the demands of local markets.