3-Pointer: Nov 9

by : Gary Whittaker

1st Point - When victims attack!

Let me see if I understand this. The accuser in Kobe Bryant's alleged rape assault, who was allegedly so traumatized by the event that she could have sex again within 48 hours, also feels that a cap of 2.5 million dollars is not sufficient enough to ease her pain and suffering. So, instead of continuing a criminal trial, that would see both her attacker behind bars and her bank account secured for years, her, and her defense team, decide to withdraw the criminal case and pursue a civil case in a state that historically favors the plaintiff. The logic is obvious. If OJ can be found NOT guilty, but still have to pay 30 million dollars to the families of the victims 7 years ago, then the accuser stands to make quite a bit from Kobe's recent 136.4 million dollar basketball contract (not to mention endorsement deals, and other business ventures). The fact of guilt or innocence is not even relevant in the American Civil court system. Folks, it is most everyone's dream to make it big. It is Kobe's fault he committed adultery? Yes. But what normal man could constantly resist the enormous temptations that would be in his life almost every day? She wants to sue Kobe, but not give him his right to prove his innocence! I say that Kobe should set a precedent, and sue her right back. I cannot stand Kobe as a ballplayer. I loved the history of the Lakers, and what they have done, but I believe he has a right to live with his wealth. Civil cases should be used only for things like slumlords, or Tobacco companies. It should not be used as an alternative for a criminal case. Both her and her defense team are nothing more than legal con artists, trying to extort money from a black basketball player, still trying to feed off the stigma of a black man having sex with a white girl. Kobe needs to let her know that him having money does not make him a target. Moreover, anyone that does try to take advantage of him for his money will find himself or herself bankrupt.

2nd Point - NHL Locked Out on Advertising

The recent announcement for an 8 Billion dollar contract 6-year extension should be a wakeup call to the NHLPA about just how much money is out there to be had. The players are all businessmen, and as such, cannot fault an owner for trying to make money from his organization. The NHL television deal has NBC paying the NHL NOTHING. They will simply split the profit after NBC takes out the cost of production. With no guaranteed revenue, and only gate and merchandise profits to claim, how can the players insist on maintaining the same salary levels they enjoy today? At this point, it doesn't matter that the owners caused the ship to start sinking, standing at either end of the boat will not save this league. The players need to get back from Europe, force their Union to return to the table, and negotiate a settlement. As stated in previous posts, the players will lose money. Why make it worse?

3-Pointer : Pittsburg is the Real Steel!

The win over New England surprised some, but critics figured the Patriots were due for a loss. Then they beat the Eagles with their starting running back on cheerleader duty. That was impressive. And so is Ben, the Real Deal, Roethlisberger! The schedule will only become easier for the Steelers after those huge games, which will do nothing but help Ben learn more about his team, and about himself. They may not win the Super Bowl this year, but they are sure to make it there!