Are Fsbos Worth the Time & Effort?

by : Ken Hamric

Many people have asked whether or not FSBO's are really worth the time and effort involved in the sale. The simple answer is, Yes! It stands to reason that the FSBO industry is based on some amount of success or else it would never have grown to the size it currently is. And the industry is growing in size every year. Part of the reason for this phenomena is the fact that home sellers are becoming more and more educated on the involved process and as such are demanding a level of service that many real estate agents are not willing to provide, or able to provide due to a high number of clients.

The resolution to this problem has been the education of sellers and the drive to eliminate the middle man. For years people were convinced the the only way to sell a home was to contact their local realtor and then wait for the offers. But what if that agent was not providing enough service to sell the home in a timely manner? Was there any real way to ensure that this was being done? It can be hard to trust someone in such a way when nothing appears to be happening. But you can trust yourself right? So, why not give yourself the tools you need to become your own real estate agent?

The part that cannot be stressed enough is the need to educate yourself on the process before you undertake the selling of your own home. Start investigating the rules and regulations concerning real estate contracts and conveyance. Find out about liens and easements and inspections. In selling your own home there are a lot of hats that you will have to wear. Of course it never hurts to get legal advice and guidance from a lawyer educated in real estate law. There is also an abundance of information available online to help guide your education. The web is a great resource for almost every aspect of the home sale process so take the time to investigate these things to the full extent. Good luck!