Increasing Value in Unlikely Places

by : Lou Lynch

So, you are looking to increase the asking price of your home and have exhausted the options presented to you by your home? The interior is spotless and updated. The outside is trimmed and looking like the feature page in a home and garden magazine, what is there left to do to give the home that final boost in price? One unlikely place that can impress even the most critical buyer is the garage. Garages ultimately, in many cases, end up being the repository for years and even decades of accumulated things, treasures, and stuff. Many of these items are of sentimental value only and are being hung onto because of the memories that they hold, not the use that they have. If you have ever rooted through the more dated areas and boxes in your garage then you know the truth. Every packrat has to start somewhere.

Most people are shocked when they finally begin to go through the things that have accumulated in the garage. Things long forgotten about and sometimes best forgotten about seem to crop up in large quantities. Especially if you are one of those people who seems to have forgotten that there is supposed to be room for a car in there. One of the best ways to improve the aesthetic qualities of a garage is spend some time sorting out the mess (if there is one) and putting some order to the room. There are a number of great garage organization systems available that can give the garage a clean and professional look and add to the attraction generated by the home. Typically these systems are comprised of a number of storage bins and wall hooks, however there are more complete systems available that incorporate wall panels and flooring.

If you are selling your home, you will want to have the garage mostly empty anyway to make the impending move easier. It will also speak highly of the rest of the house if even the garage is neat and orderly. Even if you choose to leave the garage as is without the organization system, spending some time ensuring that the area is as clean as possible will benefit the sale of your home. The garage is simply one element in the overall appearance of the home, and it is one that should not be overlooked.