Exterior Selling Points

by : Matt Barker

When selling a home its vitally important to showcase the home's exterior features. While it is usually a home's interior features that sell a person, it is definitely the exterior features that create the original interest and draw their attention. Typically, internet listings start with a picture of the home's front. Additionally, the exterior is the first thing seen when driving by. Upon first sight of a home, and impression is formed by a prospective buyer. It is extremely important that this impression be a positive one; one that stirs interest and piques the buyer's curiosity.

Take some time to consider what your home's strongest exterior selling points are. Usually these will be things like distinct landscaping, a nice porch, well tended gardens and the general condition of the home. At the first glance, your home must leave a lasting visual impression that will set the property apart from the others that it is competing with. Now, set about showcasing them by making sure that they are in top-notch condition. If you wish, you can add some value and attraction by improving on these or by adding new aspects to enchant buyers.

Adding new features to the home's exterior is time well spent as the image that your home presents to the viewer can never be too strong. Great features for yards include touches like new fencing. If they yard's fences are old and decrepit, falling over, or in a general state of disarray it can impact negatively on a home's image. New strong and most of all, fencing that improves privacy is a great asset for any home. Another great selling asset is creatively designed gardens. Bright flowers are a scenic touch that will always improve the appearance of a home. Make sure that gardens are weed free and clean to get the most bang for your gardening buck. Now, how is the home itself looking? In preparing your home for sale, one of the best ideas is a new coat of paint. This will bring new life to the exterior and make the home much cleaner looking as years of wear and environmental wear will be eliminated. Be mindful of the damage potential of environmental factors such as sun and snow, they can cause a lot of wear and tear to a home.