The Drawbacks to Fsbo Selling

by : Tom Palmer

There is a simple truth in the real estate industry: real estate agents sell homes. It is this same reasons why a large percentage of FSBO homes eventually end up listing with an agent. Realtors simple provide an irreplaceable service, that is proven to sell homes quicker and faster and with more profit and less stress for home owners. When it comes to the art of homes sales it is difficult to equal the package that is offered by a professional agent.

Perhaps the most important thing that an agent can offer to a home seller is a comprehensive marketing package. This package typically spans multiple forms of media and is tailor made to showcase homes to a large market. The most prominent of these advertising methods is a well constructed and optimized website. Maintaining a good web presence is critical in assuring that your home has as much coverage as possible. It is a reality of the current real estate business that 90% of homes are first seen by their future buyers online. The web presence combined with more traditional marketing methods such as newspaper ads, mail outs and open houses help to give your home the best possible chance of selling for a price that makes you happy.

Another reason that many FSBO homes end up being listed is the fact that as a home owner, you still have regular life responsibilities, work, kids, family and so on, do you really have 24/7 to dedicate to answering phones and arranging meetings? Most people don't. Its easy to see how selling a home requires an individual that can give it their undivided attention. Your home deserves the best attention and chances possible, use a realtor and ensure that it has those chances.