Being Financially Prepared to Purchase a Home

by : Sarah Dupuis

Having your finances in order is the single best thing you can do before you start looking for a home. The main reason for this is the fact that it simplifies the whole home buying process. Not only does it give you peace of mind to shop confidently, but it lets buyers known that your offers should be taken seriously. Aside from the benefits that this has on your home buying, its just a good idea to have a clear picture of your financial status at any time.

Being financially prepared to buy a home generally comes in a few steps. The first one is to find out what your credit rating is and what kind of shape it is in. Some of the time, credit will need to be repaired before a good mortgage can be secured. When you receive your credit report, sit down with a financial expert and go over any outstanding items that need to be rectified. Once these are taken care of, be sure to contact the credit bureau and inform them that these situations have been dealt with. Also you may want to get letters of release from your former creditors just to be safe.

Now you will want to start shopping for a mortgage. With such a huge variety of mortgage options available, you should take the time to research the different types of financing to discover which one is right for you. Be careful of mortgages that seem too good to be true, balloon mortgages are a good example. Be sure to clarify all the terms of the mortgage before signing anything. If you have any questions have the mortgage terms reviewed by a lawyer. Once the particulars are sorted out, be sure to get a full pre-approval as opposed to a pre-qualification. Pre-approvals appeal to home sellers as it shows them that they can be assured of a quick and clean closing on their home.