Top 5 Reasons To Live In Garner, Nc

by : Gabriel Adams

As you scan the possibilities of living in Garner, North Carolina, you will find that the town is located close to six miles from Raleigh, which is the capital of the state. With a history that includes the Church of England, pre-Revolutionary War settlers, Civil War battles, and farming, the town of Garner is quite an interesting place to explore as a choice in residence. As the population and residential possibilities continue to grow, the area will show further promising opportunities. Below are a few top reasons why some residents have found Garner a satisfying place to live.

Family-Oriented Town

A survey taken of Garner showed that close to 7,000 households existed in the area. Out of the involved parties, it was found that 53.5% consisted of married couples, where 30.5% of the households were comprised of non-families. 34% of the households had children under the age of 18 as part of their at-home unit.

Close Proximity to Attractions and Activities

Besides the entertaining vacation opportunities offered by nearby mountain ranges and sand-filled beaches, Garner is located close to the capital of North Carolina, which opens up into Research Triangle Park. The area also offers a collection of sporting events to enjoy. Golfers take pleasure in the world-renowned courses situated in the vicinity. Following the Interstate 40 and US Highway 70, residents find themselves heading towards entertainment, fun, excitement, and a wealth of leisure activities.

Follow the Footsteps of Famous Home-Towners

A wide range of notable celebrities was born in Garner, who is mostly recognized for their achievements in the sports world). NBA basketball player, David West is from Garner, who earned the NCAA Player of the Year award at Xavier University and played for the New Orleans Hornets. Major League Baseball player, Pat Watkins and Pittsburgh Steelers, Eric Williams, are from Garner. Additional celebrities include former Cleveland Brown player, Tony Blaylock; Dr. Todd Boyette (director of the Morehead Planetarium at Chapel Hill); and former head football coach for Duke University, Carl Franks.

Great Weather for Outdoor Fun

The average monthly temperature associated with the Garner area is 71 degrees with humidity levels that create a warm breeze. In July, the weather showcases an average temperature of 80 degrees, while the winter months present an average closer to 50 degrees. The moderate temperatures that Garner possesses, provide the perfect atmosphere for year-round outdoor fun. Public and private golf courses thrive, recreational lakes open up to boating and fishing, and tennis courts swell with activity. During the winter, residents head for the mountains to ski.

Real Estate Boom

In regards to the close proximity to Research Triangle, Garner is one of those towns that are featuring rapid growth in real estate. Since the town is situated near the downtown area of Raleigh, and the Raleigh-Durham International Airport, many employees locate their homes in Garner because they wish to raise their family in an area that is safe and reasonably priced. It is also said that owning a house in Garner is a wise investment because of the projected growth associated with the location.