Natural Landscaping

by : Kelli Bennett

Looking for a great way to improve the look of your yard and become a little more eco-friendly in the process? There is a new and popular movement in landscaping that is known as Natural Landscaping. Natural landscaping is the art of arranging a yard using local and naturally occurring plants and foliage. One of the best results of this kind of landscaping is the reduced impact that it has on the environment. Introducing foreign species of plant can sometimes have a disastrous effect on local ecosystems. Some plants have a rather "territorial nature," that is; any area where they being to grow they take over completely to the detriment of other plants.

Natural landscaping attempts to move away from the traditional "manicured lawns and immaculately kept gardens." They are really unnatural for this area. Manicured lawns and gardens actually mimic the yards that were traditionally kept in England and Europe. These areas are fantastic for the proliferation of short grasses but that is not so in North America. Our continent leans towards the natural proliferation of wildflowers and longer grasses. Natural landscaping utilizes these native plants to create yards and gardens that are in accord with what grows in the area naturally. This practice is extremely good for the local habitat as a whole as alien species are not being introduced into it and by utilizing naturally occurring plants we are practicing good stewardship and taking better care of our environment.

Another nice aspect of natural landscaping is the reduced amount of care that it requires. As with most indigenous species of plant, they maintain themselves quite well. Gardening and maintenance is relegated to strategic weeding rather than full scale garden and lawn care. Natural landscaping creates an ambience that is quite different from a traditional yard and is reminiscent of a beautiful field. This is a fantastic way to improve the curb appeal of any home.