Realtors® Vs Fsbo in Vegas

by : Mark Hostetler

Let's face it, there are really two main ways to sell your home. Your can use a Realtor? or you can sell your home yourself. The one statistic that you hear a lot of is the fact that more and more homes are being listed by the owner. The statistic that they don't want you to know, is the fact that a significantly high percentage of those homes are eventually listed with a realtor. Of course, FSBO websites try to downplay this fact, but you can't escape the truth. FSBO sales cannot equal the marketing and service package that a Realtor? offers. Also the 'money saved' in FSBO sales is usually exceeded by the costs of selling and marketing the home yourself. This is especialy true in the high-stakes and fast paced market in Las Vegas. Lets examine the benefits of using a Realtor? in more detail. Realtors? spend years learning their trade, cultivating contacts and getting to know the local market inside and out. This experience is vital to the successful sale of a home, as real estate markets fluctuate and different trends direct the market at different times. It is the duty of a Realtor? to know and recognize these things and to be able to utilize them to help your home sell faster and for the best price possible. Now lets talk marketing. This is where the differences between selling yourself and using a Realtor? really become evident. Realtors? maintain a high level of visibility in any community, and have a much larger advertising budget and ability then your average homeowner. This typically begins with the agent website. A well maintained and professionally optimized website is essential in the advertising of your home. Chances are that the place you first see your new home will be online as the internet has become the front lines of home advertising. Also, think about this; are you available 24 hours a day? Can you drop everything, including kids or work to show your home? Probably not, people have busy lives and there is a lot to do without having to worry about being ready to show your home at a minute's notice.