Ready to Start your Apartment Search? Make it Easy!

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" - there are so many Denver apartments and Colorado Springs why is the apartment search process so difficult?

While it's easy to turn a 6-month apartment lease into an interminable nightmare, it's not easy to turn a 6-month lease into something less than six months. A little advance planning can make your lease term a happy living experience. Your apartment search can be a valuable learning experience (you'll use these techniques in every real estate transaction you engage in from now on).

First of all, be sure of what you're looking for when you begin your . If you're like other folks, you think you know what you want in your new apartment. So off you go, looking at new apartments and finding the place of your dreams. Then two months later, a friend's new apartment is the site of a popcorn and movie night. You think, 'What did I ever see in my apartment? It's a terrible floor plan!' Or you can't get the apartment maintenance crew to come fix the leaky shower. You wonder how you overlooked service and the people running the community. Sound familiar?

There are some steps you can take to help yourself make a good decision.

1. Calculate your budget before you do anything. Today, in Denver and Colorado Springs, people spend between one-quarter and one-third of their monthly income on rent/mortgage payments. So if you make $2,500 a month in salary, you can spend between $625 and $825 per month on your rent. If you can find a place with utilities included, that's a bonus. You'll have more money for take-out.
2. Figure out where you want to live - not just the city, but maybe the area of town or the neighborhood. That kind of information can be hard to come by, but be diligent. If you go to, you can find neighborhood maps and descriptions to help you get a good view of Denver neighborhoods and Colorado Springs neighborhoods. And when you've got some ideas, drive the neighborhood or community you're thinking about. Stop and have a cup of coffee. Sit and watch people, traffic, the birds...anything that will matter after you've moved in.
3. Use a good apartment search website. The ability to search by area makes life a lot easier, so that capability, while not widely available, will shorten your time in front of the computer. At, you can search apartments by Denver communities or Colorado Springs communities (or by type or style of neighborhood), or be matched based on your interests and lifestyle. Also, on you can search for things you must have, for instance a pet-friendly apartment, and you wont spend time looking at communities that just won't work.
4. Prepare a list of apartment communities you'd like to look at. Plan your route and a checklist that will help you determine which place is right for you. (Don't have a list? Click here for an you can print out and take with you. This apartment checklist will help you organize your search and prevent any big mistakes.)
5. Be realistic about your final decision. That fifth floor walkup may have an incredible view, but unless you're fond of the Stairmaster at the gym, you'll make all your decisions based on your five flights of exercise. So sleep on it before you sign the lease.

As a final note, if you've never read a lease, or don't feel as though it's one of your talents, have someone review it for you. Most apartment leases are boiler-plate, but you should know what you're signing.

Good luck on your apartment search!"