Top-notch Curb Appeal

by : Sanjog Gopal

As I drove to work this morning I found myself considering the curb appeal of the homes I drove past. There were some nice homes, some not so nice, and one or two that grabbed my attention from the street while motoring past. This is the kind of curb appeal that a home needs to sell quickly and for a good profit. How many homes do you see that grab you by the face and say "here I am?" Especially while you are driving past at (hopefully) the speed limit, but let's be serious, usually a bit faster.

It was funny, but one thing stood out about the homes that really caught my attention. It may seem like a broken record in this industry but it was the overall cleanliness and presentation of the property. It would make a realtor's job so much easier if when a sign was placed in the front yard, the home was transformed into a pristine Eden with a unified theme that would appeal to any buyer no matter what their tastes are. Unfortunately this is not the case. Making that transition takes a bit of work. However the ideal remains the same. A home that is able to attract positive attention from someone driving past at 50 miles per hour is a home that will sell quickly.

A good way to begin this transformation is by doing a bit of landscaping. Ensure that your yard is as tidy as possible with the lawn neatly trimmed and edged. Also trim the trees and bushes, if possible use a uniform shape for these plants. Also refinishing the driveway can be a quick way to add to any home. These things really help the exterior of a home to show at its absolute best, In today's market its necessary to go the extra mile to ensure your home gets the attention it deserves and is memorable to viewers. It takes time and effort to create a perfect home for selling but the expenditure is well worth the effort.