Preparing your Home for a Winter Sale

by : Kerri Demski

Winter has never been the best time to sell a home, especially if you live in an area that is besieged by bad weather. But sometimes it is necessary to sell during the months of less desirable weather. Well, that's alright, it just gives you the opportunity to try something different when it comes to home staging. Actually it can be quite an opportunity as it will show off your home at the worst of times. This is the perfect time for you to crate the warm and inviting atmosphere that you need in order to make the home inviting.

During winter with snow and rain, water and associated damage is one of the biggest issues.for you as a home owner. The biggest issues for the viewers will be their safety in getting to the house and their warmth once in it. If you have a fireplace then ensure that its lit during the show times. A warm home will encourage people to stay longer and view more of the home, whereas a chilly home can quickly drive viewers out.

If there is snow and ice then you will need to spend some time making the approach to your home safe and easy to navigate. Driveways and walkways should be completely shoveled and clear and should be keep free of ice all day. Keep a bag on de-icer on hand in case things get slippery. Also take care to note whether falling snow from the roof could be a concern.

Some thoughtful touches that will help a home show better are things like warm drinks for the viewers. A little bit of hot chocolate or apple cider warms viewers up and helps them to remember your home. This also gives a great aroma to the house that will be fondly remembered. Another nice touch would be some plastic slip-ons so that viewers don't have to remove their shoes when looking at the home. This also goes a long way towards protecting your floors. Staging isn't impossible during the winter, just different.