Fixer Upper Fortunes

by : Ronald W. Firquain

Fixer Upper Fortunes is a book and the author said to be the penultimate guide for individuals to be able to make a killing in the real estate business. Fixer Upper Fortunes is made interesting by the fact that the author and the sales pitch for the book says that this particular guide will turn any individual from being a real estate dummy to a real estate tycoon.

In fact, the author claims to never had any prior extraordinary knowledge about landed property when he suddenly announced that he intended to make it big in real estate to his friends. True enough, the copy of Fixer Upper Fortunes' sales pitch says that not only did the author decidedly turn himself into a real estate tycoon from scratch, he now also wants to share his "secrets" with everyone by writing and selling his book.

Based on the sales pitch and copy for the Fixer Upper Fortunes book, it seems like just any other grossly exaggerated marketing ploy intended to make a hard sell. Usually, products that are sold through hard sell marketing means are usually unsatisfactory and hardly live up to the promises that they made during the sales pitch.

If you are having a difficult time thinking up an example for what a hard sell product is, just think about the home shopping network products. All products sold here employ hopelessly exaggerated marketing and advertising that leave the consumer wanting once they realize that the product they purchased is not at all exactly as it claimed. Unfortunately, the fixer upper fortunes book seems to this type of product.

Fixer upper fortunes claims that any Tom, Dick and Harry can make it big in the real estate business by buying and reading the book. Then it goes in for the kill by painting the picture of financial freedom and being your own boss that can be yours if you read the contents of Fixer Upper Fortunes. The seemingly too good to be true claim of Fixer Upper Fortunes in terms of enabling every reader to make their dreams happen is further quantified by a quotation of actual profit and the amount of turn around time on investment. The entire feel of the marketing ploy for the Fixer Upper Fortunes book is simply too hard sell that leave the discerning customer in doubtful of its claims.

You do not have to be particularly jaded to think that maybe Fixer Upper Fortunes is not all that it claims to be. For one thing, the sales pitch for fixer upper fortunes says that it is not for individuals who are looking for get rich quick schemes. Instead, it is said that Fixer Upper Fortunes is a legitimate business opportunity and is precisely not one of those bogus claims about making you rich without any real substance.

However, despite saying that, it also says that the author himself made $43,969 in profit only after three weeks. Fixer upper fortunes does not say that it will make people get rich quick, instead it translates that phrase into an actual figure combined with an actual measure of a short return on investment duration.

There actually is some money that can be made in real estate, particularly in buying and selling foreclosed properties. This is most probably what the Fixer Upper Fortunes is about. However it is important to understand something that Fixer Upper Fortunes does not tell you: it takes a certain amount of luck to be able to find the right kind of real estate property to be an ideal Fixer Upper Fortunes type. Now, no one's luck runs forever so before quitting your day job to go full time into this Fixer Upper Fortunes business, think again.